Trash Wheels – the Trash Pack on the move!

The boys were really excited when we were asked to review the latest Trash Pack craze from Flair – Trash Wheels! Themed around the gross Trash Pack gang, the new Trash wheels sets should see kids will having a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles!

Trash Wheels by FlairWe were sent the Trash Wheels Junk Yard set to have a play with, along with an extra pack of 2 Trash Wheels to use in the set.

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Get gross with the Trash Pack Scum Drum Playset!

I was introduced to the Trash Pack a few moths back when the boys chose to substitute their usual ‘Moshi’ treat for some ‘Trashies’! 


The Trash Pack launched back in January and have proved so popular that over 1 million have already been collected. But now, with a new series approaching, nauseous neon green changes to yucky luminous orange and the grossest gang in the garbage are back with some new additions to the pack! There are over 100 NEW Trashies joining the gang, including Slime Bucket, Gutter Grub and Mouldy Mushroom – all characters I am sure you would LOVE to have visit your home! 

So, with the Trash Pack proving so popular, some NEW Trash Pack playsets have been launched to add to the Trash Pack fun – and all in time for Christmas too! 

Collectable Trashies are the grossest monsters in town with over 170 to collect you will have hours of fun with this gross gang and all your friends!!

Your Trashies are split into 6 uber cool gross gangs The Grubz, Hard Rubbish, Bin-Sect, Bin-Critters, Bin Monsters and Pin Fections PLUS loads of cool top secret Limited editions!

Every Trashie has a different rarity – common, rare, ultra rare & limited edition the rarest of the rare even GLOW IN THE DARK!

Collect ‘Em, Trade Em’ Bin ‘Em!!

Joining the collection is the Street Sweeper (rrp £19.99) which is the ultimate accessory – designed to suck up the Trashies into bins and then eject them to send them flying into the rubbish dump! 

And then there is the Scum Drum playset which we were sent to have a play with! Ready for the GROSSEST members of the gang to hang out in, the playset lets you launch the Trashies into the ooze pits using the launch pads – GROSS!!! 


The boys were so excited – they had seen the playset in ToysRUs not a few days before and had been rather enthusiastic about it then… so they were really made up when one landed on our doorstep. 


Suitable for children aged 5+, the Scum Drum playset comes complete with 2 launch pads, the Scum Drum itself and 4 exclusive Trashies (2 of them being ULTRA RARE!)… everything you need to play… so ideal if you have not ventured into the Trash Pack world before! 




The idea is pretty simple… you use the launch pads to whirl your Trashie into the air, either aiming for the Scum Drum itself or for the target to release the caged, trapped Trashies. The winner is the person who fills their trash pile first! 



The boys LOVED the playset and LOVED the Trashies. The only bits we had trouble with were the launchers as the boys found that they didn’t quite get the lift from them that they needed to get their Trashies to reach the Scum Drum itself! A bit of practise may help, as they did give up on them in the end! 

From a Mummies point of view, I must say, I was thankful that the ooze pits were not quite as I expected – I imagined pits filled with green, sludgy slime which would not exactly be the perfect partner for my (once) cream carpet!!! But thankfully the ooze pits were carpet friendly and safe – not filled with slime! Phew! 


Overall the boys gave the Trash Pack Scum Drum playset a 9/10. The trouble they had with the launchers was well overshadowed by the fact that this was a TRASH PACK set… and they did LOVE it!