Jack and Jill went up the hill… but did they fall down??? A Toyologists Review!


Race up the hill and be the first to reach the well in this fun and educational family game. Made with the usual superb quality of all the Orchard Toys games we have had the pleasure to play, the Jack and Jill Game is no exception.

With 2 play modes the fun can be explored in 2 different ways, either by matching colours or by counting, both of which are great ways to play.
The game is made out of strong, highly coloured and good quality board (which is all 100% recycled too!) and is really attractive to play with. 


Easy to put together and with a strong box for storage, you basically have to roll a dice (either colours or numbers) and move to the appropriate square. Once there you have to spin the spinner… if you land on a well you are safe and can stay where you are… but if the spinner lands on a spilling bucket, you have to roll down the hill all the way back to the start. The winner is the first person the reach the well on their playing board.

The boys LOVED this game… and thankfully each won a game which helped to keep the peace. We give it an outstanding 10/10 – and think it would be a great addition to any families game collection! 

Crazy Chefs by Orchard Toys – a Toyologist winner!

We love Orchard Toys in our house, so we were thrilled to be sent a few different games to test as part of the Toyologist program. 


Made of the usual strong, sturdy, coated hardboard, Crazy Chefs was enjoyed by the whole family, and is certainly another winner… and priced at only £7.99 it’s a game you can’t afford not to get! 

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