Want to paint without the mess? Try a little Water Magic…

We were asked to review Water Magic by GALT for Izziwizzi Kids. It retails for around £6-£7.


Water magic is an A5 sized spiral-bound book of 6 reusable pictures on thick board to colour with the water pen. All you need to do is fill the pen with water and use it to reveal the hidden pictures.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am always a little edgy whenever there may be a mess involved with an activity. Don’t get me wrong… I love making a mess – I just don’t relish the thought of clearing it up!!! Water Magic looked to be a product which would get round this problem….


We got the farm picture book which contained 6 farm based picture scenes. Initially all that is visable is a black outline of some farm animals on each page – but once washed over with water using the water pen, the magic began to work and the pictures magically appeared!


The pen was easy to fill with water, and we even managed to get it out leaving the plastic moulding intact meaning we could replace the pen time and time again without it getting lost. It was easy to use… but the boys did have to get used to the idea that they didn’t need to squeeze ALL the water out at once! A little did go a long way – which would make this an ideal activity for travelling. Having said that, if all the water did get squeezed out, it is only water… so no mess and no fuss!


I was a little concerned about the warping of the card when wet as it did bend out of shape… but once fully dry the warping vanished and the book looked as good as new ready to use over and over again! Once the pages had dried, they lost all their colour again too, ready for the magic to work again!


So, what did we make of GALT’s Water Magic???



Me and the boys give Water Magic a huge ‘Thumbs up!’ – a fantastic product, ideal for travelling or for a ‘less messy’ colouring session!


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I was sent this item free of charge for the purposes of this review, however I received no financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.

My Magic Box by Imaginell – Review for IzziwizziKids!

I was asked to review My Magic Box by Imaginell for Izziwizzi Kids. The My Magic Box is a fantastic storage box for children – and is designed to be fun both to play with, and to help tidy up!

The My Magic Box is made from recycled paper (well, sturdy cardboard!), and is sold ready to build without any tools or glue needed!   It is 100% recyclable and printed from Non toxic water-based colours. Inside the box there are 3 different levels and 3 individual interiior boxes which each fit in perfectly! Each has a slightly different format to give lots if different storage options. Right at the bottom there is a ‘secret drawer’ which can only be access with a cardboard key (well, actually you can get in it without… but the key is such an exciting little feature!)


My boys love collecting their toys in things: boxes, baskets, tubs – we have them all! When the My Magic Box was offered to review I knew it would be popular with them – it is right up their street!


Immedietly the box created a buzz of excitement – the boys couldn’t wait for me to get it out and build it. On the whole, it was easy and fairly straight forward to put together – there was only one point where I struggled a little (and I did rip the card a little) but nothing too major, and the little rip has done no long-lasting damage! It did take about half an hour to put together… but I feel that was time well spent.


No sooner was the box finished… then my youngest son appeared with a basket of his toons, gogos and small toys ready to move in to the box. It was a joy to watch him deciding which toys would go in which box… and what would go in the all important ‘secret drawer’.


All toys in, the box still has plenty of storage room and options left. The sturdy, high resistant cardboard looks like it will last a good while… and the box itself survived an all important ‘sit-on’ test by my 3yr old son! He has also just about managed to carry it round with him – at the moment, where he goes the ‘Magic Box’ goes too!

So what do I think? Well, I think this is a fantastic product – environmentally concious, fun and well designed… and I can see it lasting a long time in my sons room! The one thing I REALLY like is the fact that for every magic box sold, Imaginell donates school bag for a child in India.

My Magic Box by Imaginell…. a thumbs up from me and the boys!


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I was sent items free of charge for the purposes of this review, however I received no financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.

Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting Kit review for Izziwizzi Kids

I was asked by http://www.izziwizzikids.co.uk to review the Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting kit. It retails for £3.99.


When it arrived, it was a little smaller than I expected – but me and the boys were still excited to get going… and so we did!

The kit contained enough face paints to paint 10 faces, and stated the the face paint is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and easy to remove. With my eldest son having sensitive skin we were ready to put this to the test!


Inside the box there was a palette of red, blue and white face paint (each was protected by a little plastic film which needed removing), a sponge and a small brush. The back of the box had instructions for how to create the union jack face and also images of a Scottish flag face and English flag face.

I found the face paints really easy to apply – they needed to be put on with a damp sponge or brush – and the colours were bold and strong and the paint covered well. The sponge was an ideal shape and size for painting large areas whilst the brush great for adding detail and lines! I found the handle on the brush a little short, and would probably have had to find another brush for more than just the 2 faces I painted!

When it came to removing the paint, it came off really easily with warm water and a flannel – it only took a minute or 2 to clean the whole face!

Was it hypoallergenic? Well, when wearing my eldest son didn’t complain of any itching or discomfort but, a day later, his skin had been left a little dry particularly around his mouth and chin. But, to be honest, for the amount of times we paint faces at home this would not bother me or cause me any concern.

So, would we recommend it? Well the boys loved having their faces painted and, when asked, gave the Snazaroo Union Jack Face Painting Kit an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up!’


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I was sent items free of charge for the purposes of this review,  however I received no financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.


Thornton’s Chocblock Easter Egg review for IzziWizzi Kids

 I was asked to review the Thorntons Choc Block Easter Egg for Izziwizzi Kids.



I LOVE Thorntons… for me, it is always a sign that someone has gone that little bit further with their chocolate gift when you get a box of Thorntons chocolates or, indeed, a Thorntons Easter Egg.


The Choc Block Easter Egg retails for £9.99 and is an alcohol-free recipe.

When the egg arrived I thought it looked really appealing. The box was interesting with a colourful design, whilst being more grown-up making it more of an adult gift. The Choc Block Easter Egg contained a milk chocolate egg with 3 Choc Block bars – 1 milk, 1 white and 1 dark chocolate. I did feel that the egg itself was a little plain, but being from Thorntons, know that you could make use of the FREE icing service to have a personlised messgae put on to it. I think this would really set this egg apart from the others and, if buying for someone, would definately make use of this.

The egg itself is not the thickest chocolate egg I have had, but the chocolate is really creamy and melts beautifully on the tongue. I feel that it is more of a ‘hand made’ style egg rather than a factory mass produced egg, and this is clear from the ripples of thicker chocolate inside the egg.  It has a really smooth exterior and texture and has a really classic Thorntons taste.

The Choc Blocks are individually wrapped in firstly a distinctive coloured box, then a silver foil wrapping inside. Each bar weighs 90g. The bars are divided into 12 small and 2 big squares, 1 of which has the Thorntons logo on and the other has a pretty swirled pattern on it.




The White block is Belgian chocolate and has a subtle hint of vanilla. I don’t often eat white chocolate, but found this one really creamy and the hint of vanilla carried really well.

The Milk block is again Belgian chocolate and is made from 29% cocoa. This has a taste similar to that of the egg, very creamy and rather rich.

The Dark block is made from 70% French cocoa. I do not usually like dark chocolate and, as this was described as being ‘slightly bitter’ thought that this would not be to my liking. I found it, however, rich and deep and would certainly be able to get through a good few squares. Though it wasn’t my favourite, I was pleasently surprised by the flavour and pleased to discover that it too had the traditional Thorntons flavour!


So, what is my verdict?

Well, I think for £9.99 the Choc Block Easter Egg provides great value. The chocolate is rich and creamy and I love the variety provided by the 3 bars. I think the packaging is sophisticated and great for a more grown-up or adult easter gift, but I would certainly use the free icing message to bring the egg to life and make it more personalised.

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This is a sponsored post. I was sent items free of charge, however I received no other financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.

GALT My First Weather Kit – Review for Izziwizzi Kids

I was asked to review the My First Weather Kit from GALT toys by Izziwizzi kids


When it arrived the boys were really keen and eager to get going but, as it is recommended for children aged 5+, I kept it as an activity to be done with my eldest son who is 5 (will be 6 in August).

The packaging was really appealing and great to see an image of what you actually got inside. The bits inside were well packed and easy to get out! Most of the parts were made of plastic, which looks hard wearing and sturdy, whilst the main pole was metal.

The instruction booklet appeared to be straight forward and easy to follow with a step-by-step guide and labelled picture. On making, however, I soon realised that the instructions were fairly confusing and a lot of the steps to make the kit were quite fiddly – so much that my son could not have done it on his own, and even I had to get help from the hubby!

It definately requires adult help to make and would probably be better suited to children aged 7 + who would have more independence to follow the instructions a little more and be more able to cope with the fiddly steps. 


Once built the weather kit was sturdy and easy to read, apart from the wind direction bit right at the top, which I worry would be easily blown off in a high breeze. It was easily placed into the ground – though we did have to take it apart to change the direction of the compass points so that the scales on the thermometer and rain gauge were easily visable… this was not covered in the instructions!

The booklet does however contain some really good ideas for activites and experiments you can undertake using the kit, and the plastic bag the kit contains, which puzzled me, has a really good use for making an iceburg! It also has some great information in it to introduce your child to climate change and global warming.

Being only 5, my son needed some assistance in understanding what each of the components of the kit were for, and how to interpret the readings, but i think with time and help he will really enjoy this product and get a lot out of it educationally. I think it is a great idea as an introduction to the weather for children and would definately recommend it for children over 7! I think it would make a lovely alternative birthday gift!


You can also check out my video review on Izziwizzi Kids for more information – http://www.izziwizzikids.co.uk/my-first-weather-kit-by-galt-toys/

This is a sponsored post. I was sent items free of charge, however I received no other financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.


1 Month on:

Well, we have now had the My First Weather Kit for a month and it is safe to say that it has been a real hit, especially with my older son. Both boys are keen to get out as soon as it has stopped raining to see how much rain water we have gathered, and it has certainly taught them things like the points of the compass and even how to take readings from a scale so both fun and educational. 


Despite my reservations, the top part of the weather vane has stayed intact and has not blown off which I am really pleased about – there has been no hunting in the garden for a missing part! 


Initially we didn’t really venture much into the experiments in the booklet (it contains 4) so for some family science fun we attempted to make a tornado in our hand and a rain cloud! The instructions for the experiments were really easy to follow and simple and it was fantastic to find that all the equipment needed was easily found from the kitchen or bits’n’bobs draw. This made it so easy to gather everything we needed and get on with some experimenting.

We all really enjoyed doing the experiments as a family and, although they didn’t quite work, it really interested the kids and we will certainly be having another attempt… we also need to make an iceburg!!!

As a family activity I would definitely recommend this product – it has provided us with a good few hours of entertainment and I love the fact it is educational too! A great introduction to the fascinating world of science!