9 months on…

So, Martha is 9 months old…

Where did that go?

I always promised myself I wouldn’t rush back onto a diet…I wanted, needed, time to recover and enjoy being a Mummy for the third time. But after Christmas I realised that I had maybe been a little to friendly with the good old naughty treats…and all the weight I had managed to lose before having Martha had actually crept back on again.

So I made a pact with myself.

I ordered a subscription to Slimming World magazine – after all it was Slimming World who helped me lose all the weight before meaning my blood sugars were controlled enough so I could have Martha – and I promised myself that the day it landed on the doormat would mark the last week of my naughty ways…the very next Monday would be the start of my new Slimming World journey!

So, guess what has just landed on my doormat?

Hello Slimming World!

It seems we will be back together from next week :)