Competition: Win tickets to the Fruit Shoot Skills Awards!


This summer, leading children’s soft drink brand Robinsons Fruit Shoot, in association with Nickelodeon, launched Get Your Skills On, a campaign designed to give kids the chance to give kids the chance to learn the latest cool skills ranging from street dance to free style basketball to urban percussion. With the help of the Fruit Shoot Skills Crew, a seven-strong troupe of record breakers and skilled performers, Fruit Shoot scoured the nation in search of Britain’s most skilled kids.


To celebrate the nation’s talent, Fruit Shoot and Nickelodeon will be hosting the star studded Fruit Shoot Skills Awards in London on 7th September 2013 and I have four tickets to give away so you can be there! The doors will open at 1pm, with the show starting at 2pm and lasting around 70 minutes.

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Having fun with Smencils… the world’s only scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper!

We we thrilled to be sent a starter pack of Fruit Shoot Smencils from Learning Resources to try out!


The background: 

Smencils are the world’s only scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper – making them a fun and funky idea, which is Eco-Friendly too! Available in a range of delicious scents (25 in total) there are both graphite and colouring pencils to collect, as well as a range of black and blue ballpoint pens known as ‘Smens’. 

The Fruit Shoot Smencil Starter Set we were kindly sent contains 5 graphite smencils in the popular Fruit Shoot scents: apple, orange, summer fruits, blackcurrent & apple and tropical. Suitable for children aged 3+, they retail at £5.99 for the pack of 5! 


Each Smencil stores in its very own biodegradeable tube, which keeps the ‘smell’ really fresh and strong – and apparently guarantees the freshness for 2 years! 

The testing: 


The boys LOVED the look of the smencils straight away – and couldn’t wait to get in the tubes to give them a good sniff.  Of the 5 Fruit Shoot scents, there was only 1 which they didn’t like at all – and that was the tropical scent. To be honest, it didn’t smell like tropical to me either! The summer fruits and apple scents were the absolute favourites, however, with the boys having to time share to get a go with each! 


The individual tubes are a great idea – perfect to store the pencils in to keep them safe, and definitely a great way to keep the scent strong and fresh, giving an immediate burst of flavour as soon as the tube is opened. The scent is strong – but on 4 out of the 5 pencils really fruity and fresh and makes them exciting and different to use! They even make your fingers smell for a little while too! 


The only thing the boys were a little disappointed with was the fact that their writing and drawings didn’t have the same scent when done – so the scent appears to be attached to the actual pencil rather than the graphite middle! 


Initially I felt £5.99 was a little expensive for a pack of 5 pencils – but in reality it is only £1.20 each – which does make them reasonable given the fact that each pencil has its own tube, is scented AND is 100% eco friendly! They would make great little treats, or even party bag presents! 


In all they were a big hit and we loved them – though I think the boys would have loved to have had coloured pencils to match the scent (Fruit Shoot colouring Smencils are not yet available – but other scents are), and as previously said they would have loved their writing and drawings to smell too! 


We gave them 8/10!


The competition:

If you’d like to try Smencils for yourself then you may be in luck as their is a FAB Facebook competition up and running giving you the opportunity to win your own Fruit Shoot Smencil Starter Sets. In fact, there are 10 to be won!

Be quick though as the closing date is Friday 7th September 2012.