Meal six from the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap!

Thursday night in our house is the first night of the week where we are not running around picking up or taking to one club or the other. It’s a night I like to put my feet up and relax a little bit more than normal – so I was really pleased to see that the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap contained an almost ready made meal that would pack a punch, but give me a bit of an easier night at the same time!

Meal six – Burger and Chips!

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Hazeldine’s Pork Loins – Day four with the Butcher’s Wrap!

It’s been AGES since we had a pork chop or loin of any sort…

The truth is that my hubby is a little bit picky – not only is pork not ‘his favourite’ meat, but he was also brought up having meat where all the fat was cut off for him, and it was always off the bone too…so it has made him a little bit fussy! I have tried in our years together to overcome this, but to no real avail!

I, on the other hand, love nothing more than a good chew on a bone, or the tasty, crispy fat that you can get on some meat (as long as there isn’t too much) and a pork loin steak just has that balance!

Hazeldine's Pork Loin Steaks

The Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap for the week which we were sent contained four pork loin steaks (two in each wrap) and they looked just divine. They were a really good size and rippled with just the right amount of fat. They needed NO messing…

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Day three with the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s wrap – Griddled Gammon!

Our fourth meal from the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap was a British pub classic – Gammon Steak with chips, fried egg and beans!

gammon steaks hazeldines

Meal four – Gammon Steak

Tuesday is another night where we seem to be here, there and everywhere…so it’s good to have a ‘no frills’ simple tea and the gammon steaks from the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap just fit that bill!

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Mummy’s Meaty Pasta! Day two with the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap…

Our third meal from the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap was on Monday night, and as it’s a swimming night, it needed to be something quick and easy…and tasty too!

Meal three – Mummy’s Meaty Pasta

I decided to use the four sausages, chicken breast and two rashers of bacon that I had left from our Sunday dinner to make a meaty pasta. Pasta is a great family meal for us – it’s quick to prepare, doesn’t leave much washing up…and means I can use up some odd bits too! It’s almost a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ meal!

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My Simon Howie Family Meal Planner Box Challenge – Day 6!

If you haven’t seen my original post, we were lucky to be chosen to take part in a Family Meal Planner Box challenge by Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher.

The Family Meal Planner Box from Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher provides you with enough meat to feed a family of 4 for a week – so that is 28 portions for £53!

Simon Howie Family Meal Box Challenge

On day 1 we chose to cook the Chicken Kievs as it was a busy day with little time to cook. Day 2 was a slightly different story, so I got a little more creative with the Beef Steak Mince, and on day 3 it was the Beef and Pepper Kebabs which came to the rescue! My last post was day 4, where I used the chicken fillets to make a tasty Saturday night dinner, and on day 5 I used the whole chicken to make a pot roast dinner (which was delicious!).

Going into day 6 I had already made 23 portions of the promised 28 portions that the box would provide… so only 5 left, proving that the box is already giving more than advertised!

So – what would day 6 bring? Well today was a beautiful sunny day so a BBQ was in order… and this called for the sausages!

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