Tooned 50 – Review and giveaway!

Over Christmas there is nothing better than spending time with the family, snuggled on the sofa watching a film or two! So we were thrilled when we were sent a copy of the Tooned 50 DVD, which was released on the 9th of December, to take a look at!


From the creators of the award winning cartoon show TOONED, (a series of short cartoon episodes which air on Sky Sports F1 before each F1 race) comes a fun-­‐packed story of McLaren’s 50 years in Formula One. Containing 8 episodes, you join Professor M, Jenson BuJon and Sergio Perez as they take a hilarious journey through 50 years of motor racing, with exciting, wild and outlandish tales about McLaren’s legendary world championsip drivers, including the great Bruce McLaren himself! The DVD also contains 5 special features too!

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Chuggington Chugger of the Year – DVD Review!

Recently, through the post box, we received a copy of Chuggington’s Chugger of the Year DVD to review. Though the boys are now a little older, they were still keen to take a look…especially as they have a new cousin who they thought they could vet the DVD for ready for him when he is just a little older!

chuggingtonContaining a whole 7 episodes (Hoot vs Toot, Stop the Press Emery, Babysitter Brewster, Chugger of the Year, Chug of War, Gold Wheels and Chug o Flage) and running for approx 70 minutes the DVD promises to be full of ‘traintastic’ adventures! There is also an extra feature where you can meet the Chuggers Speedy, Hoot and Toot!

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Mister Maker Gives Us an Idea: Watch and Make Vol.5 – Review and Giveaway!

Mister Maker has been VERY popular in our house ever since he hit the screens in 2007. JT was 2, but Mister Maker managed to keep his attention and enthrall him in his ‘makes’… and the shapes entertained too!

Now, 6 years on, he still gets switched on and his makes are still popular – with me too as a reception class teacher! Mister Maker’s projects often spark my imagination and give me the inspiration for projects at school!

When we were asked if we would like to take a look at the NEW Mister Maker: Watch and Make Vol. 5 DVD, released by Abbey Media I knew it would go down well – even though the boys are now 6 and 7!

Abbey Media mister maker

The DVD has 5 episodes on it with a run time of 95 minutes in total! This for me is great as you can watch it in short bursts, an episode at a time, or can watch the whole thing if time allows.

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Warner Bros Review: Scooby Doo Mask of the Blue Falcon!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a package in the post – especially as when you open it there is a REAL surprise inside, wrapped in VERY exciting Warner Bros. paper!



DSCF4369Whilst the boys were keen to open the package – Mummy was more than impressed at the fantastic wrapping paper, which had actually managed to save a rather dull last day of the school holidays – nothing like a well timed arrival! So with me knowing what was in the parcel, I left the boys unwrapping the surprise whilst I headed into the kitchen to get the popcorn ready!

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Half-term home-cinema time… thanks to Warner! (part 4)

Yes, once again Warner have come up trumps with some FANTASTIC FAMILY FILMS perfect for escaping the freezing weather with! What better way to escape the snow than to create a home cinema – complete with blanket – and snuggle up on the sofa together with some popcorn! And these 4 titles we were sent have proved VERY popular with everyone (even Nana and Grandad!).


Last up is Tom & Jerry Tricks & Treats – a collection of 22 cartoons all on one DVD:


As the title suggests, all of the cartoons in this collection have a spooky theme but with all the heart of the classic Tom and Jerry antics which have to the power to entertain just about everyone who watches! The cat and mouse antics here see the mischievous pair continue trying to outwit one another in the lovely selection of adventures in which they encounter witches, werewolves, mummies and ghosts.

We LOVE Tom & Jerry, such simple cartoons which make you laugh out loud and smile! The great thing is you can watch for 5 minutes… or 5 hours!!! And each time you watch is just like your first! 

This DVD was enjoyed by the WHOLE family, including Nana and Grandad who are hooked on the classic Tom & Jerry magic too! The boys can’t put it down – this DVD has been on numerous times as it saves them having to wait for an episode to come on the TV! 

For under £6, Tom & Jerry Tricks & Treats is, in Mummy’s opinion, the best of the bunch! A MUST HAVE for any household and the perfect DVD to have on hand for that cold (or rainy) afternoon!


The Boys gave this one a MASSIVE THUMBS UP and a WHOPPING 10/10!