1 sleep left!

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.

Tomorrow we will meet our new son or daughter.

It all feels a bit strange!

I’ve been here before, having a planned c-section – knowing the exact date and the rough time I will become a Mummy again…

But it still feels strange.

This time tomorrow I’ll be in hospital hooked up to a sliding scale drip to control my blood sugars before the operation.

My bags are packed, I’ve just bought some magazines (believe it or not, it is VERY boring waiting) and with just a few last jobs to do around the house I’m almost ready!

I’ve even bought food and drink supplies to take with us for the hubbie – at least he will be allowed to eat and drink!!!

But I am mostly waiting…thinking and waiting…

Knowing that tomorrow I will be cuddling my baby – this little wriggler that has kept me busy for nearly 9 months – this awkward little wriggler that is still in the wrong position!

Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come…

The day of the last growth scan…I hope!

Today I am 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant – and baby day is set to be in just 9 sleeps at 38 weeks and 1 day!

Whilst I am REALLY excited to meet our new little one…the nerves are kicking in! I’ve been there before…had 2 previous sections…so I know the drill…and I think that is part of the problem.

I know there will be cannulas…I know they hurt…and I know I hate them.

I know there will be that feeling of helplessness afterwards…not being able to move by myself…not being able to get up…and I know I hate that feeling.

But I know there will be a baby…our new baby…our new son or daughter…and at the moment that is my driving force!

Today is our last growth scan, arranged due to the ‘rogue’ stomach reading a fortnight ago that made our baby’s growth look skewed on the charts. I really hope baby behaves today and lets the sonographer get the measurements she or he needs. I hope there are no issues…and the stomach measurement last time was just a mis-reading.

I hope…

But I don’t know…

It’s a waiting game…

Growth scan number 3!

16th April 2014

I am 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I am worrying…

Will it be the same sonographer?

Will I have to make a fuss?

Will we be able to park?

I have a headache…

But I am excited at the same time.

Today we will see our little one for potentially the last time before he or she arrives. Today we will find out if he or she is growing well.

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34 weeks pregnant!

11th April 2014

It’s been a whole week since I finished work as we broke up for the Easter holidays…though I will admit to spending the first week of the Easter break catching up on paperwork and assessments which I am going to take back into school later today for my temporary replacement.

Seeing as I am now at home I can actually go to the Midwife on a Friday morning for a check up – and as the boy’s are off school too they can  come for a sneaky listen!

Not surprisingly my blood pressure has actually gone down – but is still normal! It has been around 130/75… but today its 110/65! I think finally finishing work must have something to do with it!

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My second growth scan and baby day is booked!

26th March 2014

I’m now 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I’ve been looking forward to today. I’ve nearly finished work and I’m so excited about seeing baby again – to see if he/she is still a good size, to see him or her wriggling around!

We get to the hospital but can’t park. The parking is ridiculous – not enough spaces AT ALL and if you happen to get an appointment during the 2-4pm visiting slot you are basically screwed!

It takes us 30 minutes to park the car and we are late… not a good start!

But the worst is to come…

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