Our Family Winter Warmer – Beef in Beer with Dumplings!

When we heard about the Co-operative Electrical’s current competition, I must admit we got a little bit excited! All you have to do to enter is write a blog post about your favourite winter warmer recipe and send a link to Promotions@co-operative.coop by midday on Friday 21st February…and the winning entry wins £750 to spend at www.coopelectricalshop.com, with a runners up prize of £250 too!


With my dire need for a new oven, and my family’s LOVE of creating in the kitchen, we just couldn’t wait to get started – and it didn’t take long to decide on the recipe either!

Beef in beer with dumplings

In our house we love ‘cosy’ing down on a chilly winter’s night with a warm stew, and our family recipe for Beef in Beer with Dumplings always goes down a treat. It is so tasty and filling – and it is a low fat recipe too!  Continue reading

Neapolitan ’99’ Ice-Cream Cupcakes!

You probably all know what it is like… one wants this, one wants that, then Daddy butts in too! Well, this is exactly what happened today when I offered to make cupcakes! You see RangeCookers.co.uk are running a FABULOUS competition to win… well, a range cooker of course! And the task is simple (and fun too!) – to create a cupcake and blog about it!

Getting ready to cupcake

So how on earth will I please all 3 of my boys?

Cupcake Choices

Thank goodness I am creative… and LOVE baking! So it will be one cupcake with three flavours…

Neapolitan 99 cupcakeswith my Neapolitan ’99’ Cupcakes – inspired by a traditional holiday at the seaside! And here is how to make them.

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Our Family Flora Father’s Day – a #CBias #Shop challenge!

In our family we are always trying to be a little healthier, so tend to use very little oil, fat or butter in our cooking. When we were chosen to take part in a Flora Shopping challenge and sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I was immediately interested to find a recipe which used the NEW Flora Cuisine, which is advertised as a healthy cooking liquid! It is something I have never used or seen ‘up close’ before, so knew this would give me a hands on experience so I could see exactly what it was like for myself!

The Preparation…


The first part of our challenge was to choose a recipe to cook from the Flora website… and this was no easy challenge! The Flora site has LOTS of different and interesting recipes which look delicious and vibrant. As it was going to be Father’s Day we decided to find a lunch recipe that my 7 year old son could help to cook on the big day – so headed to that section to see what took our fancy!

We like to cook meals that burst with flavour, so when we came across the recipe for Chicken pittas we knew it was the one! Though we don’t eat a lot of bread, we do sometimes have stuffed pittas for lunch, so this recipe was right up our street. It looked REALLY tasty too, a bit like a Mexican come Indian filling, and as we like our spice and flavour this was definitely the one for Daddy! It would be easy to adapt too so that Daddy and I could have a spicier version than the boys!

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