Meet my ‘Supercar’! Our #photayourmota entry!

The car I want to introduce isn’t special in any way,

apart from the fact last October it managed to save the day!

To work I had gone in my baby – my big grande scenic car

but on that fateful morning I didn’t get very far :(

It had given us our troubles… 2 broken turbos, brake problems (and more)

We’d even had problems with the windows nearly falling out the door!

And everything in it was electric… it was flashy, ‘cos it was posh!

But when the electric dashboard failed that day it was going to cost just too much dosh!

So as I was at work, worrying about what to do, the hubby set to work hunting… and came up with you:

Our SuperCar #photayourmota

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Win a Family Ticket to The Blackpool Dungeon!

Are you looking for a day out for you and your family? Do you fancy visiting a scary Blackpool attraction? Well – if you do this giveaway is just for you!


With 10 live shows and 70 minutes of laughter, screaming, theatre, jokes, history, rides, special effects and a maze, the Blackpool Dungeon gives you a thrill-filled journey through 1000 years of Lancashire’s murky past!

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Mister Maker Gives Us an Idea: Watch and Make Vol.5 – Review and Giveaway!

Mister Maker has been VERY popular in our house ever since he hit the screens in 2007. JT was 2, but Mister Maker managed to keep his attention and enthrall him in his ‘makes’… and the shapes entertained too!

Now, 6 years on, he still gets switched on and his makes are still popular – with me too as a reception class teacher! Mister Maker’s projects often spark my imagination and give me the inspiration for projects at school!

When we were asked if we would like to take a look at the NEW Mister Maker: Watch and Make Vol. 5 DVD, released by Abbey Media I knew it would go down well – even though the boys are now 6 and 7!

Abbey Media mister maker

The DVD has 5 episodes on it with a run time of 95 minutes in total! This for me is great as you can watch it in short bursts, an episode at a time, or can watch the whole thing if time allows.

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COMPETITION: Pork Farm Pork Pies – YOUR pie, YOUR way!

There is no getting round the fact that most people like a bit of pork pie – in fact, it is one of those things that seems to be almost a British staple when it comes to a picnic!

In our house we love a pork pie – whether it be a chunk of a BIG one, or an individual mini one! They all seem to go down well!


So how do I eat mine?

Well, I am partial to a chunk of pork pie and I love to eat it with a smearing of apple jam! Pork and apple do go well together, and the hints of sweetness and spice in my apple jam just seem to add to the flavour of the pork pie! So wherever the pie goes, a little pot of jam goes too! It makes the perfect picnic treat!

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