Dirty Bertie Toothy – a Little Tiger Press Parent Panel Review!

DSCF4465Dirty Bertie Toothy is a story about a little boy who is aged 7 and, like most 7 year old boys, some of the mischief he gets up to. Split into 3 mini stories (Toothy, Zoom and Hot) the stories are well written with a clear font that is easy to understand.

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Feeling sick? Call Dr Duck!

Our next book to review as part of the Little Tiger Press Parent Panel was the fabulous Dr Duck! DSCF4458

I will be honest and say that this book is not AT ALL what I thought it would be. I settled down for a jolly little story about a doctor that happened to be a duck.. and what I was greeted with was something quite different!

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The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble – a review for Izziwizzi Kids!

We were thrilled to be asked to take a look at a new book from Maverick Books for Izziwizzikids.co.uk. The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble by Angela Mitchell is a paperback book which is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Horne. Watch our Vlog review to see just what me and the boys thought…



Undead Pets: Night of the Howling Hound! A Little Tiger Parent Panel Review!

We were THRILLED to be accepted onto the Little Tiger Press Parent Panel and even more excited when our first books arrived to be reviewed! This month we were sent 2 books…and the second to be explored was PERFECT for my eldest son – Undead Pets: Night of the Howling Hound by Sam Hay.


My 7 year old has developed a tendency to go to up to bed as asked, then sneakily switch his torch on (or open his door just a tad more) and then read for a while… which, though I did catch him still awake at 9.30pm the other night, I must say I don’t really mind! Boys and reading often do not mix well, so if he is enthused to read by himself, then good on him!

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