The Polar Express 3D – a REAL family film!

We are so lucky to be involved with the lovely Warner Bros who send us some FANTASTIC films and games to review for them!

This time we got a festive feeling going with the arrival of The Polar Express 3D… YES… 3D!!! And not just 3D, but on  Bluray too!!


Now I will admit that I am posting this review ‘a little’ late, and we did actually get to enjoy the film well in the throws of Christmas, which is EXACTLY the right time to get yourself feeling festive!

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Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle – Energon Driller… a Toyologist’s review!

“Be amazed by the transformation of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Energon Driller Vehicle! Transform your Transformers Prime action figure into battle mode with just the push of a button”


What a promise for a Transformers fan…and a Transformers fan we have (who was VERY excited to discover this in the second ToysRUs Toybox)! 



Suitable for children aged 5+, the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller is a game of 2 halves – the Giant Energon Driller and a Transformer itself. 


The little car is just as you would expect – a car that transforms into a robust robot, ready for action and adventure. The little weapons that come in the box can clip onto the car and into the hands of the Robot… great to avoid the getting lost in the boys’ bedrooms! Due to its size, it is simple to transform (unlike some of the larger more complicated transformers) so makes a great introduction to the world of Transformers.


And adventure is waiting with the promise of the Energon Driller, which the transformed robot can mount and use to launch his attack! In fact, the Driller can hold 3 Transformers which you could buy seperately to add to the set…


The drill is transformed to a weaponised drill (with missile launchers!) at the flick of a lever… and the drill is activated into a spinning motion by pressing the purple decepticons button down. This only works, however, if the missile launchers are open (as we found after a whie of fiddling!). The drill can also be activated by pushing the vehicle along! Once loaded, the missiles are easy to launch and add an extra exciting element to the play! 


The Energon boost is in the form of a simple light up feature, which can either be used as a weapon for the transformed robot to hold, or can be plugged into the drill to make it light up! 


The boys LOVED it – they really enjoyed playing with the little Transformers figure and were even more enthusiastic to combine the Transformer with the Driller! They found it great that he could sit on it to control in… and LOVED the light element! 

We found it well made, easy to use and durable and would definitely recommend it! It makes a great introduction to the world of Transformers…and I think a good addition to any Transformer lover’s collection! 


The Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller got an 8/10 from the boys and a BIG thumbs up! 

The Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicle Energon Driller is available both instore at ToysRUs and online here! 


#SnackingSunday – Make room for the mushrooms!

Ok – so its 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and I am HUNGRY!!! The kids are eating a cake and I am TRYING to be good on my Slimming World plan…. so need something tasty and filling, and tempting too! Time for being creative…with mushrooms, seeing as I seem to have quite a few in the fridge! So here is my recipe for a good speedy snack:

Garlic Mushrooms: Chop a handful of chestnut mushrooms and slice 2 BIG flat mushrooms (though ANY mushrooms really would do!). Spray a pan with frylight and put the mushrooms in on top, with another spray of frylight to cover! Add 2-4 cloves of garlic which have been crushed, salt and pepper and then gently fry, turning constantly, until soft and cooked. And there you have it – Slimming World Garlic Mushrooms, a quick, tasty and warming snack! 


Enough to keep the cake at bay for today at least!

Enjoy xXx

Star Wars Fighter Pods play with, we did! Toyologist review, this is…


When the boys saw the Star Wars box – they were sold already! They LOVE Star Wars and have watched most of the films – with the support of Daddy of course! 


The Low Down:

Product: Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack, by Hasbro. 

Price: £21.99

Recommended age: 4+

Pack contains: 6 pods (3 clear and 3 black), 16 mini figures (4 of which are exclusive) including Yoda, R2-D2 and Darth Vader, AT-AT vehicle and Snow Speeder vehicle

Availability: Instore at Toys R Us and online at


The Star Wars Fighter Pods Multipack appealed a little more to Jorge, and being 7 I could see that he would probably get more out of the pack. The boys did play nicely together though (with a little persuasion!)


Well packaged, each part was fairly easy to remove but a pair of scissors was handy to snip the clear bands! Each mini figure is about 1.5-2cm in height and made out of a rubberish material making them a little bit squidgy and quite robust! At least they wouldn’t hurt your foot if you stood on one! Each character can fit inside a pod – they simply snap open, you pop the figure in, then close it up again! The pods can fit inside the vehichles – two in the AT-AT and one in the Snow Speeder. 


There were no instructions in the box – just the information on the reverse which told you  that there are 3 ways to play (VERY briefly with a picture which tried to illustrate it!). You can Spin, Launch or Roll – the trouble is, I am not quite sure why? And neither were the boys! 



They loved the figures and loved standing them up, exploring them and putting them in the pods… but the BIG question remained: ‘What do you do with them Mummy?‘. And my answer had to be: ‘I don’t actually know!‘. We looked more than once to check we weren’t missing something – surely some more instruction had to be somewhere?!?


Is it a game to try and knock your opponents down like skittles? Do you act out a battle? Do you get points for rolling your pod into the ‘baddies’ or ‘goodies’ and see who wins? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! 

And for us, this seemed like a missed opportunity. The set is lovely, well made and certainly of interest to the boys – we just feel that if there was a game-plan, or even more of a point to the fighter pods it would have made it so much better! And for £21.99, it is almost a shame that there just isn’t an instruction leaflet in there – even if just to give a number of game ideas to show how you could use them! 


Our verdict: Well made and definitely hot on topic, and great for the imagination… but lacks instruction and a game plan which would give a point to them! 


The score: When all is said, the boys did like them (though they haven’t been played with much since the initial testing!!!), They gave them a 7/10 with one thumbs up, and a ‘neutral’ thumbs too! 


We are Toyologists!

After having a blast last year as Official 2011 Toys R Us Toyologists, we  learnt that the program was to run again this year… but had to re-apply for our position!

This gave us an exciting challenge over the summer (well, 3 days actually as we were on holiday when the news was announced and only returned 3 days before the deadline….aaaargh!) and the pressure was on!

We had to come up with a brand spanking new review all about ‘a product your child can’t live without’!. This was no easy ride… as there are so many things which are played with day in and day out… but the one thing which stuck out in my mind was Charlie’s Cushbot – and so our review application was born! 

Things became tense in the household as word came in from the big giraffe Geoffrey himself that OVER 800 applications had been received… and the toes became crossed as well as the fingers… BUT we had done it! With a phone call at around 5pm on Friday 24th August (a VERY special day, as it was Jorge’s 7th birthday too!) we were told that WE ARE 2012 TOYS R US TOYOLOGISTS! 


So then the wait was on for the first box to arrive… and yesterday it did!! Just in time, I may add. Our delivery slot was between 2.30pm and 3.30 pm – school run time! I had literally just tried to decide which was more important – the BIG box of toys or the children – when at around 2.55pm the door bell rang and there was the box! Phew! I really don’t think the boys would have liked to wait at school!!! 


So, what was inside the box? Well….


…for that you will have to just wait and see! 

We really hope you will join us on our journey this year as Toys R Us Toyologists