Christmas comes early for our Superhero fan!

It is no secret that my 6yr old, CJ, is a Superhero fan – in fact I would describe him as a Superhero Super-fan… with his pure passion and love of ANYTHING superhero.

Over the last couple of years he has built up his collection…but with the recent general popularity of the Superhero there is always more to buy and collect, and for my mini Superhero Superfan there are a host of dream toys that he would absolutely adore and love to own.

Luckily for him then, we were given the opportunity to work in collaboration with Argos, who have a huge range of dream toys available ready to fulfill the Christmas List of ANY child this Christmas, including our little Superhero Super-fan!

So what did my Superhero Super-fan choose to take a look at… well, we don’t need many guesses:

Argos 1

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Young Superheroes: How have they adapted to life on Earth?

You may not be aware, but walking among us in everyday life are extra-ordinary human beings… those of the ‘super’ kind…and they have managed really well to disguise their true forms and live as ‘normal’ people in the public eye!


There are of course the ‘famous’ superheroes that we all know… Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman), Clarke Kent (AKA Superman) and even Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman)… but most superheroes disguise their form and live ‘normal’ lives.

Now for young superheroes there need to be some adaptions – they need to learn how to disguise their true forms – and this isn’t easy. So I have been really lucky to get some tips from some young superheroes of my own… and here they are:

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