Learning through play with Smart Stages

Martha seems to be growing and changing every day, learning all the time as she explores and plays. So when I was asked if we’d like to take a look at some of Fisher-Price’s new Smart Stages toys I knew Martha would probably love them!

The innovative Fisher-Price Smart Stages range offers an exciting way for parents to change learning content as baby develops at their own natural pace. Whatever baby’s age and stage, this unique Smart Stages technology lets parents select the stage that’s best for the child. The 3 levels of play feature a huge variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds that can easily be changed with slide of a switch.

The idea of having toys which can develop their content as your child develops and learns is really attractive – not only as a money saver but also as a way to help your child to learn through play.

We were sent two toys from the new range for Martha to explore – the Smart Stages Teaching Tote and the Smart Stages Scooter.

Big Fisher Price Box

Martha couldn’t WAIT to get in the box to take a look! And she seemed to love what she saw…  Continue reading

Our best BBQ dish!

It’s not often we get to have a BBQ – the British Summer weather doesn’t seem to be that kind and opportunities for eating ‘Al fresco’ are usually few and far between!

So when we do get chance to get the barbie on, I like to pull the stops out and create something different and tasty!

Lemon and Garlic Chicken Skewers

One of my FAVOURITE dishes to make has to be my Lemon and Garlic Chicken skewers – they are really easy to prepare, quick to cook and kind on the pocket too as they use cheaper chicken thigh fillets as a pose to more expensive chicken breasts. It’s an easy but tasty dish that’s perfect for relaxing on a summers evening! Great served with a Greek style salad in a pitta bread – or just straight off the skewer!  Continue reading

The BIG ‘Child-Free Zone’ question…

I’ve seen quite a lot on social media over the past couple of days about some people sharing their views that certain places should have ‘child-free’ zones…be it in a restaurant, or on public transport… or it’s even been suggested that babies and small children shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

And why?

Well, it’s because these people say that other people’s children are spoiling their holidays, their meals out, their journeys…

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Seaside creations with the Bostik Bloggers!

We are really thrilled to be part of the Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers team – but since I have gone back to work we seem to have fallen a little bit behind. When I say a little bit…I really mean 3 months…and I feel ever so guilty!


I am DETERMINED to get on top of my fantastic craft challenges, even if they are being posted later then intended!

When our second box arrived back in April the boys were VERY excited…

Seaside Bostik Box

…because it was themed all around the sea!

They LOVE creating with shells – and this box was full of them and full of possibilities!

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Play and Learn with Dear Zoo!

As you grow up there are always ‘things’ that send you right back to your childhood. Be it a smell, a taste, a place or an object – they can trigger memories in an instant and send you right back to a moment you had as a child.

For me, there is one particular book that I remember over all others. I remember the pictures, I remember the ‘lift the flaps’, I remember the story…and I remember sharing it with my Mum in the library!

So which book am I talking about?

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