Learning through play with Smart Stages

Martha seems to be growing and changing every day, learning all the time as she explores and plays. So when I was asked if we’d like to take a look at some of Fisher-Price’s new Smart Stages toys I knew Martha would probably love them!

The innovative Fisher-Price Smart Stages range offers an exciting way for parents to change learning content as baby develops at their own natural pace. Whatever baby’s age and stage, this unique Smart Stages technology lets parents select the stage that’s best for the child. The 3 levels of play feature a huge variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds that can easily be changed with slide of a switch.

The idea of having toys which can develop their content as your child develops and learns is really attractive – not only as a money saver but also as a way to help your child to learn through play.

We were sent two toys from the new range for Martha to explore – the Smart Stages Teaching Tote and the Smart Stages Scooter.

Big Fisher Price Box

Martha couldn’t WAIT to get in the box to take a look! And she seemed to love what she saw…  Continue reading

The BIG ‘Child-Free Zone’ question…

I’ve seen quite a lot on social media over the past couple of days about some people sharing their views that certain places should have ‘child-free’ zones…be it in a restaurant, or on public transport… or it’s even been suggested that babies and small children shouldn’t be allowed to fly.

And why?

Well, it’s because these people say that other people’s children are spoiling their holidays, their meals out, their journeys…

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Having fun with the Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo!

There are so many toys and gadgets you can buy for babies – some which are must haves, some which are nice added extras, and some which you really don’t need but think you must have!

Of all the things you choose to buy they have to work for you and your family, not least the amount of space you have available for them!

I’ve seen lots of my friends with toys for their babies that I’d taken a shine to…and lots of friends with a Fisher Price Jumperoo (or equivalent) who swear that they are great for a bit of ‘hands free’ time but, to be honest, I’ve never felt the need for one. Plus they are bulky and big…and expensive too!

Spacesaver jumperoo Fisher Price

So when I was contacted to see if we’d like to try out the NEW Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo I literally ‘jumperoo-ed’ at the chance. It would be the perfect opportunity to finally see what all the fuss is about whilst having the added benefit of it being collapsible too!

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9 months on…

So, Martha is 9 months old…

Where did that go?

I always promised myself I wouldn’t rush back onto a diet…I wanted, needed, time to recover and enjoy being a Mummy for the third time. But after Christmas I realised that I had maybe been a little to friendly with the good old naughty treats…and all the weight I had managed to lose before having Martha had actually crept back on again.

So I made a pact with myself.

I ordered a subscription to Slimming World magazine – after all it was Slimming World who helped me lose all the weight before meaning my blood sugars were controlled enough so I could have Martha – and I promised myself that the day it landed on the doormat would mark the last week of my naughty ways…the very next Monday would be the start of my new Slimming World journey!

So, guess what has just landed on my doormat?

Hello Slimming World!

It seems we will be back together from next week :)

Our day with The Essential One!

I will admit that, of our 3 children, Martha has been the happiest and smiliest baby so far. She doesn’t do much crying or moaning…and her smile is like a beam from ear to ear! She’s not shy of a camera either, in fact over Christmas she almost seemed to pose!

So when I happened to see a company whom I had met at a blogging conference and whose clothes I adore asking for baby models for their Spring range, and we were local to the photo shoot, I thought ‘Why not?’ and I applied! And you can imagine just how excited I was when I heard that Martha was one of 3 baby girls who had been chosen for the shoot!

The Essential One, based in Bolton, have some lovely clothes which are perfect for newborn babies and babies in their early years. In fact, I wrote a post about their clothes and service just before Martha was born, adding their vests and sleepsuits to my Newborn Essentials list!

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