About me!

I am a 30 something mum of 3! I have 2 boys ( JT born in 2005 and CJ born in 2007 ) and a girl (MJ born on May 9th 2014)!  I’ve been happily married to my hubby for 12 years! Both the boys are now at school and I’m now back at work as a primary school teacher where I am the Early Years Leader too!  My hubby runs his own business which keeps him out of mischief!

I LOVE to be busy… and our lives are very full of lots of different things! I have been blogging and Vlogging for over 6 years now and I LOVE it! I was first introduced to this world by Izziwizzi Kids and things have taken off from there! It has taken me into a world of photography, videoing and reviewing.. all things I never thought I would end up doing!

You can usually find me on twitter or facebook… and if I am not there I will be cooking or singing – both of which I have a HUGE passion for!

My family are my life… and together we have embarked on our journey to discover just what me and the boys say!

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  1. Hi,

    Where do you find/buy the Chill Factor “Slushy Maker”? I’m in SW London.


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