Little Life Hacks with Walkers Tear’n’Share

Walkers Tear'n'Share Life HacksI’ll be the first to admit that I never seem to have enough time – I find myself running to or from work, doing the Cubs run, or the Scouts run, dropping off at life-guarding, doing the shopping, stacking and unstacking the dishwasher, making packed lunches, cleaning, cooking tea, eating tea, planning and assessing for school…and at some point in all of that actually sitting down for a moment or two to catch my breath! Life never seems to stop. So I’ve adopted a few little ‘life hacks’ to try and make things a little simpler!

Walkers Tear'n'Share innovative bag to bowlWhen I was offered the chance to take a look at the NEW Walkers Tear’n’Share crisps I thought how great they’d be. Grab, open and go –  and, with no washing up necessary (because the innovative bag design means that the bag turns straight into the bowl) they’d be a little ‘life hack’ all on their own! Perfect!

Tear'n'Share perfect to share

With the great flavour of Walkers, but in a NEW thicker cut crisps, the Tear’n’Share crisps proved to be VERY popular and perfect for sharing (though the kids did manage to eat most of them before I even got a look in!)

Most of my life hacks are quick, easy and free – and are usually done at the same time as I’m doing something else. Take my pack of baby wipes for example.  They’re great for cleaning Little Miss’ bum – but I also find myself doing all sorts of other slightly more unusual things with them and, as we always seem to have a constant supply in the house, they seem to have become a regular ‘life hack’ essential.

They’re great for cleaning the highchair after dinner, and they’ve even been known to be used to wipe down the dashboard in the car.

Baby Wipe Life Hack 1

They’re also the perfect thing for cleaning grubby fingers…and finger prints off tablet and phone screens! One quick wipe and they’re gone!

Baby Wipe Life Hack 2

And have you ever wondered how my boots are always so clean? It’s not expensive shoe polish…oh no! It’s a quick going over with a baby wipe to get them nice and shiny and ready to wear!

Baby Wipe Life Hack 3Perhaps the most odd ‘life hack’ for them though is on my plant leaves…when there’s no time for a wet cloth or no money for special plant wipes, just grab a baby wipe, wipe over and voila – beautiful dust free and shiny plants!

My baby wipe life hacks are almost as good as a Walkers Tear’n’Share crisp bag that turns into a bowl don’t you think?

I’d love to hear what your little life hacks are!


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