The Oreo Wonderfilled Recipe Challenge!

I have received product from Oreo for this post. It is an entry to the Foodies100 Wonderfilled recipe challenge sponsored by Oreo, which marks the launch of two exciting new flavours: Peanut Butter and Golden.  The delicious new flavours are available in all major supermarkets at an RRP of £1.08.  To find out more, visit and Peanut Butter Oreos

I LOVE getting creative in the kitchen, so when I was offered the opportunity to take part in the Oreo Wonderfilled Recipe Challenge I just COULD NOT resist! And as the challenge was to come up with a NEW wonderfilled recipe using one or both of the new flavours of Oreo, I knew I would have to get creative in the kitchen too!

After putting my serious thinking cap on, I came up with my idea…

Wonderfilled Oreo recipe

So please may I present my Peanut Butter Oreo and Raspberry Ice-Cream Cake with Golden Oreo Snowmen…and here’s how to make it:

To make the Ice-Cream Cake…


24 Peanut Butter Oreos

3 tbsp butter. melted

600ml double cream

200g condensed milk

3-4 tbsp peanut butter

3-4 tbsp raspberry jam

100g milk chocolate,melted



  1. Crush the Oreos in a bowl (we used a rolling pin and a good bit of bashing!) Add the melted butter and combine.
  2. Line a loose bottom tin with foil. Press the Oreo mixture into the bottom of the tin and then pop it in the freezer to chill.Peanut butter oreo base
  3. Whisk the double cream with the condensed milk until it is fluffy and firm.whipping the cream
  4. Loosen the Peanut butter by heating it slightly (I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds), and loosen the jam by giving it a good stir.
  5. Swirl the peanut butter and raspberry jam into the cream mixture, then take the Oreo base out of the freezer and cover it with the cream mixture. (I then drizzled a bit more raspberry jam on the top and used a cocktail stick to drag a pattern into the top – just to make it a bit more fancy!)Swirling the peanut butter and raspberryOreo ice-cream cake
  6. Pop it back into the freezer for 2-2.5 hours to feeeze. If you cover it with film it will ensure a smoother ice-cream!
  7. When it’s frozen, melt the chocolate and drizzle it over with a spoon. Pop it back into the freezer until ready to serve.oreo ice cream cake

To make the Golden Oreo Snowmen…


1 pack of Golden Oreos

4 tbsp cream cheese

200g White chocolate, melted

Orange jelly beans and coloured chocolate beans to decorate

3 Peanut Butter Oreos


  1. Crush the Oreo biscuits into a fine crumb (we bashed them with a rolling pin!)
  2. Mix with the cream cheese until blended.
  3. Using your hands, shape the mixture into 6 balls – 3 large for the bodies and 3 small for the heads!
  4. Pop the balls into the freezer for at least 10 minutes to harden.Golden oreo truffles
  5. Using a fork, dip the balls into the melted white chocolate – I did a body followed by a head, then made a complete snowman, then repeated 2 times to make the other 2!coating the oreo truffles
  6. Add an orange jelly-bean ‘carrot’ nose, and some small coloured chocolate beans for the eyes and buttons.
  7. When ready to serve, place the 3 Peanut Butter Oreos on top of the Ice Cream Cake and then balance a Golden Oreo Snowman on top of each one…Wonderfilled Oreo recipe

Et voila…one wonderfilled pudding, ready to dazzle! 

Fancy giving it a go? Perfect for a christmas gathering…or why not use milk and white chocolate to create Golden Oreo Penguins for the top?!?

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