Learning through play with Smart Stages

Martha seems to be growing and changing every day, learning all the time as she explores and plays. So when I was asked if we’d like to take a look at some of Fisher-Price’s new Smart Stages toys I knew Martha would probably love them!

The innovative Fisher-Price Smart Stages range offers an exciting way for parents to change learning content as baby develops at their own natural pace. Whatever baby’s age and stage, this unique Smart Stages technology lets parents select the stage that’s best for the child. The 3 levels of play feature a huge variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds that can easily be changed with slide of a switch.

The idea of having toys which can develop their content as your child develops and learns is really attractive – not only as a money saver but also as a way to help your child to learn through play.

We were sent two toys from the new range for Martha to explore – the Smart Stages Teaching Tote and the Smart Stages Scooter.

Big Fisher Price Box

Martha couldn’t WAIT to get in the box to take a look! And she seemed to love what she saw…

Exploring Fisher Price Smart Stages

In fact, she found out how to work the Smart Stages Teaching Tote before it was even out of the packaging…and the dancing began!

Smart Stages Teaching Tote

The teaching Tote itself is a 3 piece Baby Learning Toy – the backpack, an apple rattle and a plastic book. The backpack itself is plastic, apart from the fabric dog front which acts as a flap to allow baby to open and close the tote bag to store the bits inside!

It is packed full of fun words, phrases, bright colours, lights, music and sounds that all help to stimulate the senses during playtime. There are four interactive light-up crayons  which sing when they are pressed, teaching colours, while three more buttons teach shapes, colours and numbers. It also teaches a few French words too!

Martha was instantly attracted to the Teaching Tote – she loved the colours and the songs, and was quickly lifting the front and having a whale of a time putting the apple and book into the bag, then taking them out again – on repeat! Each button and crayon does 2 different things so, for me, it does get a bit repetitive – but then children do learn through repetition, and Martha wasn’t at all put off by it! In fact, quite the opposite!

Though the tote is suitable from 6 months, and the second stage is recommended from 12 months, I fee that the first stage is still the right one for Martha at 15 months old. But then that’s the beauty of this toy – you can change the stage when your child is ready (or just for a bit of a change if you get fed up of the same songs!).

With an RRP of £19.99 we LOVE the Fisher Price Smart Stages Teaching Tote. It’s good value for money, great quality and is a toy that is certainly going to grow with our little lady!


It didn’t take long for Martha to want to explore the Smart Stages Scooter…

Smart stages scooter in box

…and when she did, she LOVED it too! It did need an adult to clip the handle bars in, and it’s worth noting that batteries aren’t included, so they needed to be found and put in to the compartment on the side.

scooter batteries

The baby ride on is designed to help get little ones motor skills rolling as they have fun. While scooting along, your baby is rewarded with cute phrases, sounds and songs. By pressing the working horn, they are rewarded with more songs and sound effects teaching cause & effect and pushing the 3 buttons on the dashboard teaches numbers, shapes, opposites, colours and more. There’s even a clicker key to put your baby in the driver’s seat of early role play fun. The Smart Stages element again means that there is 3 levels of play that grow with baby so the scooter provides non-stop fun right through the toddler years.

smart stages scooter controls

Once she was sat on the scooter, the controls were really easy for Martha to reach – they were literally at her fingertips! The buttons were easy to press and Martha loved all the different songs and sounds that she could make by using them. She was even more excited by the way sounds were activated with the motion switch as she was helped to scoot along.

The scooter is suitable from 12 months on stage one, with stage 2 being recommended at 18 months and stage 3 at 24+ months. At 15 months Martha is again well into stage one and as she is not yet walking, and is quite small for her age (she still wears 6-9 month clothes!!!), she does need help to get on the scooter and help to scoot along. This will of course change in time, and each child is different!

Despite this…she LOVED it…

Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter

With an RRP of £36.99 we LOVE the Fisher Price Smart Stages Scooter too. Again it’s great quality and the Smart Stages element means that again it is a toy that is going to grow with our little lady…and being a scooter it’s also helping her balance and gross motor skills! The scooter is a little more expensive, and I must admit it’s a little disappointing that for the price the batteries are not included…but overall it is good value for money as it is going to last a good while!

It’s safe to say that the Fisher-Price Smart Stages toys have been a success in our house and I’m positive that our little lady will get a lot of use out of them in the years to come!


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