Seaside creations with the Bostik Bloggers!

We are really thrilled to be part of the Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers team – but since I have gone back to work we seem to have fallen a little bit behind. When I say a little bit…I really mean 3 months…and I feel ever so guilty!


I am DETERMINED to get on top of my fantastic craft challenges, even if they are being posted later then intended!

When our second box arrived back in April the boys were VERY excited…

Seaside Bostik Box

…because it was themed all around the sea!

They LOVE creating with shells – and this box was full of them and full of possibilities!

Bostik Shells

There were also two Bostik products in the box that looked like they were going to be well used…

Bostik Blu Tack

We are very familiar with Blu Tack – at home and at school – but had never come across the Blu Stick before so we were very keen to get sticking to see what it was like!


The boys were immediately drawn to the paint, papers and shells in the box – so they both decided to start by creating a sea-scape. Using glitter also gave us the perfect opportunity to crack open the Blu Stick…which was actually BLUE!!!

Bostik Blu Stick

It worked perfectly to stick the glitter on the boys masterpieces…and surprisingly stuck the shells well too! The best bit is that it dries clear, so it’s great to use when you need to see where you’ve applied it, but don’t want to see it on the end product!

Bostik Sea Scapes


JT created his sea bed by stippling some sand coloured acrylic paint onto his paper, then used green glitter to create his sea weed. He eventually added shells onto his sea bed by sticking them on with the Blu Stick.

CJ glued some green film onto his background to form seaweed shapes, then added some glitter too. He LOVED the silver beads, so stuck them onto his scene to add a bit of interest!

Sea Theatre

After the boys had created their Sea-scapes, we decided to get a bit more techincal…

This time the box that all the bits had arrive in came into play as we decided to make a 3D Sea Theatre!

Sea Theatre background

After cutting all the flaps off the box, we used the Blu Stick to stick a piece of felt to the back. This made the backdrop.

Sticky fish

We then used some thread I had in my sewing box to string the fish…then these were stuck to the roof of the theatre using some Blu-tack so they hung down.

Bostik 3D theatre

CJ then decorated the bottom of the theatre with shells and the sponge to make a sea bed!

We had great fun with our second Bostik Bloggers box, and can’t wait to tell you all about our ‘Monsters’ tomorrow!

Disclosure: We were sent the box of sea themed craft items free of charge as part of the Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers programme.

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