Play and Learn with Dear Zoo!

As you grow up there are always ‘things’ that send you right back to your childhood. Be it a smell, a taste, a place or an object – they can trigger memories in an instant and send you right back to a moment you had as a child.

For me, there is one particular book that I remember over all others. I remember the pictures, I remember the ‘lift the flaps’, I remember the story…and I remember sharing it with my Mum in the library!

So which book am I talking about?

Dear Zoo of course…the book where no animal was quite right so they were sent straight back to the zoo!

Well…I’m rather excited as I’ve just heard about the new Rod Campbell’s Dear Zoo and Friends website  where you can go on the play and learn with all the Dear Zoo animals!

MumPanel parents helped Pan Macmillan research what parents and children wanted from the Dear Zoo website (to match the style of the books – educational games, fun activities and guidance for parents). Plus, the Dear Zoo and Friends website name was actually suggested by a mum.

There are some great online games for children aged 2-5 to play, as well as downloadable resources for Early Years teachers, advice on reading to your child and plenty of make and do’s for children to get creative with. There are also couple of competitions to enter to win some LOVELY prizes! Plenty of things to bring ‘Dear Zoo’ to life!

I’ve already had a play of the games (well…you have to try them out don’t you!!!) and some of the downloadable activities are going to be lovely to print and use in the classroom as a continuous provision resource.

So, now you know mine…what is your favourite childhood book?

Disclosure: I was sent the information about the new website from MumPanel and, after taking a look at the new website, are kindly giving me a Dear Zoo book and some toys in return for this post. All opinions expressed are my own and are unbiased. 

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