Our Mini Minion Roast Dinner! #greengiantminions

We were so excited when we were chosen to be part of a special Minions themed challenge from Green Giant, purveyors of the UK’s favourite sweetcorn! Green Giant has teamed up with Universal Studios to celebrate the recent launch of the brand new Minions movie which is OUT NOW in the cinemas….and as part of the build up they invited several bloggers to come up with theirr own ‘minion inspired’ healthy snack, recipe or meal.

Green Giant Sweetcorn

My children LOVE sweetcorn, LOVE the minions – and LOVE fun, healthy food…so I knew this challenge would be just right for us!

However, when I sat down to come up with a sweetcorn recipe for the challenge, I really struggled to find something different…so I decided we would work on making a meal fun instead…

Mini Minion Roast

The boys LOVE roast dinners, and so does Little Miss…so I decided we’d work on making a ‘Mini Minion Roast Dinner’ – something to give us a healthy balanced meal, but with a minion twist!

Making the Mini Minion Roast

step 1

The base of our Minion Roast was a slice of gammon from a joint that was cooked in the oven. It was perfect because of it’s minion shape!

Step 2

The next step was to add a layer of mashed potato. I always use butter, milk and a little bit of seasoning in mine to make them fluffy and tasty!

Step 3

And then for the traditional and unforgettable minion yellow…courtesy of none other than the Green Giant Sweetcorn!

We LOVE Green Giant Sweetcorn – so quick to prepare. Just a couple of minutes in the microwave, or heated up on the stove for a minute or two…or even eaten straight from the tin!

#greengiantminionsFor this challenge we heated the Green Giant Sweetcorn in the microwave – just by popping it in a microwaveable bowl, covering with clingfilm, then cooking on HIGH for 1-2 minutes (though JT did have to check a spoonful from the tin first…just in case!)

Step 4Once the base was ready to go, we added the minion features using carrots and mange tout! And there we have it…Mini Minion Roasts!

Minion Roast collage

Of course…the boys did add more veg, gravy (and more meat) to their minion faces…but they absolutely LOVED the fact they had a minion roast dinner…and plates were most certainly clean at the end of the meal!

What minion meal can you create?


Disclaimer: We were sent the sweetcorn free of charge to come up with something creative for this Green Giant Minions Challenge, which was run in conjunction with Tots 100. All opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions.

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