Our first Bostik Bloggers challenge – Easter Crafts!

We were so excited when we were asked if we’d like to be part of the Tots 100 Bostik Craft Bloggers team. We love getting creative…and to be sent a box of craft items to get making with was just perfect for us!

Easter box

Our first task was to come up with some Easter themed goodies and as soon as our box arrived the boys couldn’t wait to get started. But what did they make???

Well, the boys actually came up with a few different things – all easy and VERY Eastery!

Decorated Eggs

Decorated eggs

There were two items that REALLY jumped out of the box to the boys, and these were the polystyrene eggs and the Glu Pen – they couldn’t wait to use them – and so they coupled together nicely to create our first make!

Decorated egg collageThe glu pen was really easy to use, and not messy either! The boys used it to stick some of the shredded tissue paper strands around the egg, covering it completely in pink and yellow stripes! They then used a length of the blue decorative adhesive tape to create a band around the middle of the egg, and finally used a self adhesive flower to finish it off! Really simple…but VERY effective, and VERY fitting for Easter!

These would make great table decorations for Easter lunch, and could even be adapted to make table name eggs by writing a name on!

Easter Bunting

We always decorate the front room and dining room for Easter – it’s sort of become a tradition and it always makes me feel really spring like! It was only fitting, then, to try and make some sort of decoration that we could put up using some of the bits from the box…and once the card had caught my eye I had the perfect plan!

Easter BuntingThe first part was a little tricky as it needed some careful measuring to get the ‘flags’ drawn up…but once they were done, the boys had GREAT fun using all the different bits and bobs in the box to decorate them..

Bunting collageOnce again the Glu Pen worked really well (though it did need quite a few attempts to get the pom poms to stick on the card!). When it came to stringing the bunting up, however, we opted to use the tape discs…

Tape discsNow I must admit, initially we thought these would be double sided sticky dots…CJ even tried to used them to stick on his pom poms…but when realised they weren’t we did actually find them just as useful. They’re basically sellotape dots, ready to peel and use, so perfect when you’re holding ribbon down on the back of a bunting flag and only have one hand free to reach for the tape! They did a really nice, clean job too.

Easter Hunt Bag

CJ had his eye on the paper bag in the box, and came up with the idea of making a bag for our annual Easter Egg hunt. He was more than happy mooching around with the crafty bits and pieces to come up with his design…

Easter hunt bag


His inspiration came from the self adhesive foam flower shape, which he decided to stick onto the hessian. After cutting it into a square around the flower he mounted the hessian onto the linen material and stuck it using the Glu Pen – he was worried it wouldn’t work on fabric, but it stuck really well!

He then went off and did his own thing with the rest of the bag, using the Glu Pen to stick down the ribbons and ‘Happy Easter’ paper.

I can’t tell you how proud he is of his bag…and he certainly can’t wait to use it next week to collect Easter Eggs! What a great transformation of a boring paper bag!

Cheepy the Chick

Last but not least is JT’s creation…

Cheepy the Chick


…so cute, but so VERY easy to make! He stuck two yellow pom poms together to make the body and head, a pair of googly eyes for the eyes (obviously) and then cut the beak from an orange cake case…and that was it! Cheepy the Chick was born!

We had such great fun making our Easter goodies for our first Bostik Bloggers challenge…and can’t wait to get ‘cracking’ on our next box! (Bad egg joke…sorry!)

If you’ve got crafty for Easter we’d love to see what you’ve made too…

Disclosure: We were sent the box of Easter craft items free of charge as part of the Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers programme.


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