Mummy’s Meaty Pasta! Day two with the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap…

Our third meal from the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap was on Monday night, and as it’s a swimming night, it needed to be something quick and easy…and tasty too!

Meal three – Mummy’s Meaty Pasta

I decided to use the four sausages, chicken breast and two rashers of bacon that I had left from our Sunday dinner to make a meaty pasta. Pasta is a great family meal for us – it’s quick to prepare, doesn’t leave much washing up…and means I can use up some odd bits too! It’s almost a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ meal!

Mummys meat pasta sauce Hazeldines

Making the sauce was easy.

All I did was chop up the chicken, sausages and bacon into bite-sized pieces and then fry them in a little oil. When they were sealed on all sides and starting to brown I added a carton of chopped tomatoes, a chicken stock cube and some water (I usually half fill the chopped tomatoes carton with water to rinse it out, and then pour that water into the pan!) and gave it a good stir. Before leaving to simmer, I added a teaspoon of smoked paprika, a teaspoon of mixed herbs, a good handful of mangetout which I chopped into pieces, and some salt and pepper.

Mummys Meaty Pasta Hazeldines meat

The sauce simmered whilst the pasta cooked…and when the pasta was ready I simply drained it and added it to the pan, tossing well to combine the two.

To serve I just grated a little cheese on the top…and that was it!

Mummy's Meaty Pasta

Mummy’s Meaty Pasta…more than enough to serve 4…in fact there was enough left for a 5th portion which I popped in the fridge and had for my lunch the next day. Bonus!

What will tomorrow bring from our Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap?

Disclosure: I was sent a double Original Butcher’s Wrap Up free of charge from Hazeldines for the purposes of this series of  reviews, but all opinions remain my own and are honest, as always. I received no other financial compensation.  

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