Day three with the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s wrap – Griddled Gammon!

Our fourth meal from the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap was a British pub classic – Gammon Steak with chips, fried egg and beans!

gammon steaks hazeldines

Meal four – Gammon Steak

Tuesday is another night where we seem to be here, there and everywhere…so it’s good to have a ‘no frills’ simple tea and the gammon steaks from the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap just fit that bill!

As we were sent the double wrap, we had two packs of gammon steaks, so four in total. Each steak was a good size, though two were bigger. This worked in favour for us though as the hubby and I had the bigger ones, whilst the boys had the smaller ones!

Hazeldines Gammon Steaks

I decided to cook them simply on the griddle pan, which I heated before placing the gammon steaks in it to cook! They took around 8-10 minutes to cook through – and to keep it simple, the gammon steaks were served with oven chips (a treat in our house!), baked beans and a fried egg!

gammon, egg and chips

What you really need to know is about the gammon though…was it any good?

Well actually…yes…it was delicious! The gammon steaks were tender, succulent, juicy and a good thickness. They were full of flavour whilst not being too salty (like sometimes they can be). Each steak had just the right amount of fat – enough to make it crisp on the griddle pan, but not so much that you feel you are cutting half of your meat away. For those of you who may eat the fat, it did not have a hard rind on it meaning you didn’t have to cut it awkwardly.

These were PROPER gammon steaks! And there wasn’t any left on any plate!

I’ve been so impressed with the meat from the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap so far. It’s been great quality, tasty meat that has not been fatty! And what’s even better is that it was all delivered straight to my door without having to go to the shop – so handy!

The trouble is…with so much choice, I can’t decide what to cook next!

Disclosure: I was sent a double Original Butcher’s Wrap Up free of charge from Hazeldines for the purposes of this series of  reviews, but all opinions remain my own and are honest, as always. I received no other financial compensation.  

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