Pinching the Pennies – Keeping on track with days 1 and 2!

So, for the last two days I’ve been putting my meal planning method to the test, trying to keep on track with my budget shopping week…and I suppose the question is how is it all going?

Well Sunday night was the first meal from my plan and I was actually really pleased at how much veg I had left over! I used 3 of my frozen chicken breasts with some carrots, celery, onion and swede to make a casserole which was really tasty due to the added smoked paprika! I served it with mashed potato and some broccoli – of which I have plenty left of both. We even had a scoop of ice-cream each for pudding (and the boys had a few mini marshmallows, that I found in the cupboard, on the top).

Because I didn’t use all the veg I bought for the casserole, I’ve got plenty of carrots, celery, swede and broccoli left to either add to another meal or maybe even make a soup to snack on. I’ll see how the week pans out!

Monday has been and gone and was another success on my pinching the pennies plan. We all had cereal for breakfast, lunch was sorted as either a packed lunch or jacket potato with chilli as planned for the hubby and I, and then tea worked brilliantly. I used the 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages and 2 small breasts of chicken that were all left in the fridge to make a tomato based pasta sauce, along with some peas to add a little’green-ness’!

I should say in all of this that little Martha has her own meals…I have previously batch cooked some meals and frozen them for her…and prior to this meal plan had bought all the ingredients to make her a cod, sweet potato and leek puree with a cheese sauce! She is dipping into some toast and grated cheese…but most other things I actually have in the cupboard for her!

So today we’re all set for the boys having pizza and garlic bread with their friends for tea (I’ll end up with 4 boys tonight due to our Beaver’s rota!). They’ve even got some ice-cream for pudding…and I’m going to make some cakes this morning for them to snack on when they get home from school!

Luke and I are having the frozen piri piri chicken that I had in the freezer with a few chips and some veg. Hopefully there’ll be a cake to pinch too!

Look out for another update soon!


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