Pinching the Pennies – days 3 and 4!

Well, all seems to be on track with my penny pinching meal planning week so far and days 3 and 4 have been a success too!

Day 3 (Tuesday) saw all the boys having pizza, garlic bread and ice-cream which they all enjoyed – and the hubby and I had the Piri Piri chicken from the freezer with a few frozen chips, some sugar snap peas and a couple of onion rings I found at the bottom of the freezer! I must admit the chicken wasn’t all that – I bought it reduced in Sainsbury’s and it was one of their ‘Ready to Cook’ meals in a foil tray. It smelt really vinegary when it was cooking, and ended up quite lemony…but it was a dinner and it filled our tummies!

Day 4 (Wednesday) was a bit of an exciting one for me – this may sound REALLY sad, but I’ve invested in a slow cooker. It’s a 5.5 litre beast that was on sale in Tesco for just £16.99 so, coupled with an old slow cooker recipe book my Dad lent me, I ventured into the world of slow cooking with a ‘Cowboy Casserole’ (that’s sausages, onions, baked beans, chopped tomatoes and a few herbs between you and me!).

All I had to do was brown the sausages then throw everything in to the slow cooker and wait for it to cook. Served with baked potatoes it made the perfect budget family meal for a night after JT had been to cubs – and what’s even better is, due to the fact that my slow cooker is so big, I had to double the recipe (thankfully I scrounged the extra bits I needed from my Daddy!!!) so we have half the quantity left for another meal. Once it had cooled it went straight in the freezer for a meal next week!

I’m pleased at how well things are going – the cakes I made have been a bit of a life saver for peckish moments and a little treat, and the food I bought is lasting as I planned.

So tonight sees day 5 and another slow cooker special – Turkey Pilaff! We’ll see how this one turns out…

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