Our day with The Essential One!

I will admit that, of our 3 children, Martha has been the happiest and smiliest baby so far. She doesn’t do much crying or moaning…and her smile is like a beam from ear to ear! She’s not shy of a camera either, in fact over Christmas she almost seemed to pose!

So when I happened to see a company whom I had met at a blogging conference and whose clothes I adore asking for baby models for their Spring range, and we were local to the photo shoot, I thought ‘Why not?’ and I applied! And you can imagine just how excited I was when I heard that Martha was one of 3 baby girls who had been chosen for the shoot!

The Essential One, based in Bolton, have some lovely clothes which are perfect for newborn babies and babies in their early years. In fact, I wrote a post about their clothes and service just before Martha was born, adding their vests and sleepsuits to my Newborn Essentials list!

The shoot took place on Thursday 16th January and we were there in the morning with the 2 other baby girls who had been chosen!

I’ve never done anything like this before so had no idea what to expect – but I have to say that everyone involved was just so lovely – particularly Karen, the MD of The Essential One, who was just so interested in each of the babies and their parents and was just so good at putting the babies to ease!

The studio was amazing – a warren of little sets ready to use with cameras here there and everywhere, interesting clothes all around and an area to sit and relax and feed or change baby when needed. Everything was just fascinating!

True to form Martha turned on the smiles from the minute we landed! She LOVED the little changing area with lights around the mirror…and was just so happy in the clothes she was given to wear, even though she was changed numerous times throughout the morning!

She began by modelling a beautifully soft and snuggly pram suit. It was gorgeous…

The Essential One photo shoot pram suit

Martha modelling for The Essential One

…and she looked gorgeous too! The pram suit was so well made. The fleecy material so soft against Martha’s skin and the zips far enough down so as not to dig in to her chin. I just love the ears on the top too…so, so cute!

Martha then wore a knitted romper. The neutral colours make it perfect for a girl or a boy and, once again, the knit was so soft – perfect for the delicate skin of a little one!

Martha Essential One Knitted RomperThis is something I’ve never really looked at to buy as it doesn’t have any feet to it…but Martha loved it, and I can see now how it would be perfect just to ‘romp’ around in, or even to sleep in when she is in a baby sleeping bag!

Martha was made a fuss of the whole time we were there…the photographers and team were just brilliant…

Martha romper The Essential One

…and Martha just couldn’t stop smiling!

She went on to model a sleepsuit and a body suit from the new girls Spring collection, both made from 100% cotton that was just so soft and smooth…



and still the smiles came!

I can’t tell you what a fantastic morning it was…and it will certainly be a morning I’ll never forget. I can’t wait for the new Spring collection to launch very soon….and it is something I’d definitely do again with Martha if the opportunity arose!

For now, I’ll just have to wait patiently until I see all of the finished photos…

The Essential One Spring photoshoot



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  1. Thank you for such a lovely write up of a fantastic day. We absolutely loved having Martha as one of our baby models- she is just beautiful and was an absolute star- you must be so proud of her. xx

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