Having fun with the Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo!

There are so many toys and gadgets you can buy for babies – some which are must haves, some which are nice added extras, and some which you really don’t need but think you must have!

Of all the things you choose to buy they have to work for you and your family, not least the amount of space you have available for them!

I’ve seen lots of my friends with toys for their babies that I’d taken a shine to…and lots of friends with a Fisher Price Jumperoo (or equivalent) who swear that they are great for a bit of ‘hands free’ time but, to be honest, I’ve never felt the need for one. Plus they are bulky and big…and expensive too!

Spacesaver jumperoo Fisher Price

So when I was contacted to see if we’d like to try out the NEW Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo I literally ‘jumperoo-ed’ at the chance. It would be the perfect opportunity to finally see what all the fuss is about whilst having the added benefit of it being collapsible too!

The BIG Build…

When it arrived we couldn’t wait to get into the box to put our SpaceSaver Jumperoo together.

Spacesaver jumperoo boxed

There were around 6 big pieces in the box to put together. Daddy was given the special job of the build (which I’m pretty glad about…though I did miss the instruction booklet which would have helped!) and, armed with a little impatient lady helper, it must have only taken around 10 minutes to put it together and have it ready to go.

Building the spacesaver jumperoo

The only issue we encountered was with one of the caps for the side to cover the arm joint. No matter how hard we tried it just wouldn’t clip in properly.

Jumperoo cap

We even tried to cut a little bit of the moulded plastic from inside the middle as we thought it was that that was catching, but still no joy. Whilst it doesn’t effect the functionality of the jumperoo, it has popped off a few times when we’ve been moving it!

The only other thing to be aware of is that the ‘keyboard’ part of the SpaceSaver Jumperoo needs 3 AA batteries to work and these aren’t included with it. For me, when a toy is of a certain price, I do feel that it should come ready to go and the batteries should be included. Luckily we had 3 spare AA’s floating around…it could have been a different story though!!!

Martha was immediately interested in the SpaceSaver Jumperoo…so we popped her straight in to see what she made of it!

What did we make of it?

spacesaver jumperoo 1

Forget what we made of it for now…I think it is more than evident from the look on Martha’s face that she LOVED it from the word go! The smiles just kept on coming…along with the bounces, giggles and coos! She was just so happy!

She was immediately interested in the toys on the top bar, trying to grab them to spin them around…and as she could only just reach them I know there is plenty of ‘growing room’ in the Jumperoo left!

Bobble Frog Teether Jumperoo

But more than anything she LOVED the Bobble Frog Teether…it went straight in her mouth and stayed there for a good while!

It took her a while to get used to the jumping element, but once she got going she just couldn’t stop. And what made it even better were the sounds, songs and noises which were activated on the keyboard by her movements…causing lots of smiles and giggles! She soon realised that if she bounced, it made a noise.

The seat is made of a really strong fabric and is really easy to get Martha in and out of – and it’s even removable too making it easy to wash and clean should the need arise.

It’s worth noting the 2 different modes on the keyboard – one which means the sounds are activated by bouncing, and the other which plays the music continually without baby having to activate it. This could come in handy if you need the music for entertainment – and there is quite a good variety of sounds and songs that will probably help your sanity!

There are 4 different height adjustments on the SpaceSaver Jumperoo, meaning that it can grow as your child does…and the best bit is that you can collapse it down to make it easy to store and transport into a different room – great for when you need to do the dishwasher or cook dinner! And at a lightweight 5kg it’s not heavy either!


Folding it down is fairly easy, though you do need quite a wide armspan and co-ordination to press both the bottom buttons in at the same time. I’m sure it’ll get easier over time, and quicker too, as I get the hang of it more!

Final Verdict?

I’m really impressed with the Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo. It has all the playability of the original Jumperoo, with the added benefit of it being more portable and easier to store.

There is so much to keep Martha entertained – a light-up musical piano, the soft-sided overhead toy bar with monkey roller ball and two rainforest friends spinners, the Bobble frog teether, a clacker ring bar and a clicker too! And all these different toys not only help encourage the development of motor skills but the sounds, music, textures and a teether also help to stimulate the senses!

There were a few little issues that we found – namely the lack of batteries and problem with the end cap cover – but overall I think the SpaceSaver Jumperoo is great and I’m thrilled we now have one at home for Martha to enjoy!

Fisher Price Jumperoo

Disclosure: I was sent the Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are, as always, my own honest ones!

The Fisher Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo retails at around £80. It is also worth noting that the maximum weight for the Jumperoo is 25lb or 11.3kg and it should only be used for a child who is able to hold head up unaided and who is not able to walk or climb out of product.

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