My second growth scan and baby day is booked!

26th March 2014

I’m now 31 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I’ve been looking forward to today. I’ve nearly finished work and I’m so excited about seeing baby again – to see if he/she is still a good size, to see him or her wriggling around!

We get to the hospital but can’t park. The parking is ridiculous – not enough spaces AT ALL and if you happen to get an appointment during the 2-4pm visiting slot you are basically screwed!

It takes us 30 minutes to park the car and we are late… not a good start!

But the worst is to come…

You know when you’ve been looking forward to something to pick you up? Well we went into the scan expecting the same level of interest from the sonographer as we’ve always had – lots of chatter, a bit of a giggle, and lots of explanation of what we were seeing.

But this sonographer had different ideas. I don’t think she cared about us – she just wanted to get her measurements…


“If you get a good shot for a photo we’d really like one”

The response…

“Baby will be far too big – you’ll not get one”

Funny that…as I have scan photos right up to 38 weeks with our 6 year old.


No explanations of what part of baby was being scanned. No idea whether baby is still breech or not. Nothing. Zilch.


On our way out, I have tears in my eyes.


Not the scan I wanted.


I will never let her scan me again…NEVER!


In the clinic which followed all is once again on track. My wee is good, my blood pressure is good, they are happy with my blood sugar readings though I am now on 40 units of insulin at lunchtime, 90 at teatime and 40 at bedtime. My insulin need is growing rapidly! But my HBA1C is perfect… lower than last time… and according to the consultant, ‘impressive’! Get in!

Baby is now around the 40th centile – still a really good size and a perfect growth curve!

AND we have a date…

Baby will be born on the afternoon of Friday 9th May – 6 weeks and 2 days to wait!

We come home with mixed feelings – happy at the news of baby’s size and having our date, but disappointed with the scan experience. I really hope she doesn’t call me for my next growth scan in 3 weeks time….because there is no way I’m letting her near us!

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