Giveaway: It’s time for a little chocolately ‘Pick Up’!

So we’re well into the Easter holidays and, if your family is anything like mine, times have been hectic, tiring and fun! It has helped that the sun has been shining on us…but I still feel the need for a little me-time…and a little chocolately ‘Pick-Up’…and thanks to Bahlsen I can give one of you a ‘Pick-Up’ too – in the form of a whole case of PiCK UP! biscuits (14 x packets of five individually wrapped biscuits).


‘PiCK UP! is a mouth-watering slab of thick milk chocolate sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. They are individually wrapped, locking in the freshness and perfect for when you’re on the go’.

So, what do you have to do to win?

Simply complete the Rafflecopter entry below, following the instructions as you go! It’s that easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And that’s it – GOOD LUCK!

Entries close at midnight on Monday 21st April 2014. There will be one winner who will receive a case of PICK UP biscuits (14 packs of 5 individually wrapped bars). The prize will be supplied by Bahlsen, and is fulfillment is not the responsibility of What me and the boys say. UK only. The winner must provide their details within 24 hours of receiving the winning notification, or a new winner will be chosen.

258 thoughts on “Giveaway: It’s time for a little chocolately ‘Pick Up’!

  1. I need a Pick Up because I am having a very stressful time at work and need something to cheer me up in the mornings.

  2. need a pick up because our baby boy is 21 in a few days! (23rd apr) so am feeling old!!

  3. Because I’m currently enduring 16 days of work in a row, including easter weekend, whilst battling a cough/cold combo!

  4. I need a pick up because……………. today has been a difficult day…… it started with my wearing of a wig to entertain a small child this morning, peaked at lunchtime with a seagull swooping down to knock my dark chocolate magnum ice lolly from my hand and now as i type this i can smell my sausages avtually burning in the pan but yet my quest for biscuitey goodness cant tear me aware from typing this comment :) …..oh wait…… thats smoke….. bye!

  5. I’ve just started decorating and I really don’t enjoy it, so its great to take a break with a cup of coffee and a few biscuits and these would Pick me Up, then I’d start again x

  6. I need a pick me up because im a nurse & seldom get time for a break, winning these would be just the tonic I can eat them before/after my shift or as soon as I get home & put the kettle on.

  7. I need a pick me up as I have now been made redundant for the third time in 9 years and am starting to think the world is out to get me.

  8. What a yummy prize! I would love to win these for my hubby, who really needs a pick me up after a hard week at work.

  9. I need a pick up ue to me having a really bad cold going to my chest and me being disabled and in a wheelchair does not make me a happy bunny. I really do not feel well at all and I am in extra pain too. Sigh.

  10. I work fulltime and have 2 year old twin boys …i need any pick me up and energy i can find lol x

  11. Who doesn’t need a chocolate Pick Up, although my Mum and my boyfriend certainly do so I doubt I would even see the chocolate

  12. I need a pick up as my hubby and I are renovating a house and we desperately need something to eat on our regular tea breaks whilst admiring our handiwork!

  13. I need a pick up as its knackering looking after my Grandaughter while her mum is training to be a nurse.

  14. Kids are eating all the Easter chocolate and I’m supposed to be on a diets….well, until they’re in bed, that’s when I deserve a ‘feet up’, cup of tea and my OWN biscuits!

  15. I’ve spent half my day cutting the front and back garden with a lawnmower that’s not collecting the cuttings, and my back is now in agony, with all the raking and collecting. Get the violins, and Pick Me Ups out….

  16. as sorry for myself as this sounds it isnt meant to…idlike it for my family.i have been suffering from fatal illness for 15years.each year told i wont see the next.each year somehow i get through.a miracle.that miracle is my mum,my family.they are my miracles each and every day they get me through.each and every day they give me the stregnth to love to give them a pick me up choc nice would that be.both the meaning of the biscuit title and just a lovely treat too.
    we work so hard together try our best.but times are hard.this would just add a little smile to like to give them that if i can.

  17. I’m about to be busy, busy, busy so these would be great for those times when energy levels drop.

  18. Had a stressful year so far. Lost my father-in-law, worried about my daughter’s health, fretting that we might have to cancel our holidays when she has an op, and the thought of all the decorating/jobs getting on top of me

  19. Need a pick up as have had a serious illness the last 3 weeks, and im confined to the house and bedrest x

  20. ‘cos life’s hard and we all need a little something (chocolate and sugar!) every now and again!

  21. Because life is a stream of hospital appointments at the moment so I need something to pick me up

  22. because theres nothing better than a quick pick me up cup of tea a biscuit! even when your having a rubbish day a cup of tea and tasty biccie can always make it better! x

  23. Because I am getting married in july and its all go now so need a pick up to help with the planning xx

  24. ive nearly managed to get through the school hols but they’ve eaten almost everything in sight

  25. I need a pick up just at the thought of painting the bedroom, thats a job scheuled this Monday. Wish me luck

  26. i need a pick up because im so unbelievably busy at the moment. a biscuit break would be wonderful!

  27. I need a pick up because I have been overdoing it in the garden over the Easter break and am aching all over.

  28. I look after a lot of elderly people in my local community and I’m sure they could all do with a pick up with a cup of tea mid morning – as well as myself

  29. I need a ‘pick up’ as i spent all day in A&E yesterday just for them to tell me that they dont know whats wrong with me!

  30. my mom used to buy these all the time for us and now i have to buy my own but i always think of my mom god bless her when ever i see them so they do always pick me up thanks

  31. Because i’ve just got my first job and working is very tiring and in the afternoon i’m really tired :(

  32. I need a pick up because I’m currently suffering from concussion and whiplash after having a heavy wooden panel fall off a wall and hit me on the head! It’s given my friends and family a good laugh but it’s left me with a terrible headache…

  33. I need a pick me up because we are trying to sort out the garden and it seems never ending and weeds seem to be growing before my very eyes!!

  34. Had a row with hubby, helped son with tricky homework, tidied away paperwork which had built up since Christmas – all before breakfast on Easter Sunday. Groan!

  35. ive just started a 2nd job as a window rep its very disheartning being told no all day so would love a pick up xxx

  36. I need a pick up as life hasnt treat me very well i havent got any friends also i only see 1 of my 3 kids

  37. I need a pick up because the kids have been off school for 2 weeks,
    and no-one has bought me an easter egg

  38. Over Easter Time I Have Become One Hot Cross Shopper and Shattered Mum,Please ‘Pick Up’Help Stop me from Becoming Numb!!

  39. …because there’s still a full 36 hours to go before preschool opens it’s doors again…!

  40. I need a pick up as the kids have been driving me crazy with their constant bickering all easter holidays!

  41. My busy lifestyle means that I often need a pick-up in the afternoon and anything with chocolate will do !

  42. I had to share my Easter egg with the family so if I won I’d make sure I’d hide them away!

  43. Im 8 months pregnant and have a very active 3 year old, every day I need that little pick me up to make it to bedtime

  44. Because I am exhausted from an actioned packed Easter weekend and need a chocolatey boost!

  45. need these to wake me up still half asleep every morning at 6am when my two little monsters jump on my bed to wake me up

  46. I need a pick up because my cat was killed on Friday which happened to be my twins 2nd birthday and now we are all sad

  47. We all need a PICK UP at times in our lives but if there weren’t the lows then the good times would not seem so good!

  48. i need a pick up as its the easter holidays and i have 5 children who have only been off a week so far and already im begging the school to open early 😀

  49. After the year Ive had I need a whole lotta pick ups. 4 funerals in 4 months I could do with a few pick ups and my family could use some too also as much as i love my 5yr old there is only so much skylanders and so and so has done this and he did that, tit for tat I can take so a nice cuppa with a couple (or more) pick ups would sort my evening and my families evenings for a week or so :)

  50. I need a Pick Up because the Easter break is over and my sweet tooth is crying out for gratification

  51. i need a pick me up, after a long weekend doing nothing its back to work tomorrow, and i could share these with all my work mates who also need a pick me up

  52. I need a pick up cos life is kicking me a** and getting the better of me!. I hope it improves for everyone else having a testing time too

  53. i need a pick up because they’re delicious and now Easter is over, I need a chocolatey treat to take the place of Easter Eggs

  54. This would be just the thing to have with a cup of tea to get me through the mid afternoon lull at work.

  55. I need a pick up because I have a tiresome 2 year old to look after, a job, a house to clean and a course to study for! Grr!

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