34 weeks pregnant!

11th April 2014

It’s been a whole week since I finished work as we broke up for the Easter holidays…though I will admit to spending the first week of the Easter break catching up on paperwork and assessments which I am going to take back into school later today for my temporary replacement.

Seeing as I am now at home I can actually go to the Midwife on a Friday morning for a check up – and as the boy’s are off school too they can  come for a sneaky listen!

Not surprisingly my blood pressure has actually gone down – but is still normal! It has been around 130/75… but today its 110/65! I think finally finishing work must have something to do with it!

My wee is ok with nothing to report – and baby is actually head down…so a bit of progress on that front. Baby’s heartbeat ticks away clearly – and still sounds like a horse according to the boys!

I may not see Helena, my community midwife, again before baby comes now. It all depends on my next growth scan which is booked for April 16th. I’ll definitely see her afterwards though!!!



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