Trash Wheels – the Trash Pack on the move!

The boys were really excited when we were asked to review the latest Trash Pack craze from Flair – Trash Wheels! Themed around the gross Trash Pack gang, the new Trash wheels sets should see kids will having a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles!

Trash Wheels by FlairWe were sent the Trash Wheels Junk Yard set to have a play with, along with an extra pack of 2 Trash Wheels to use in the set.

Retailing at around £24.99 and aimed at children aged 5+, the Junk Yard playset  is the only place to wreck and repair the Trash Wheels! Whether they need a new engine or are ready to go to the scrap heap, the Junk Yard is the place to go!

Trash Wheels Junk Yard

The set itself is a good size and had enough in it to keep the boys entertained. With no instructions in the box, Daddy had to help put it together…and the boys needed a little bit of instruction as to how to crush the cars, as they kept putting them in the wrong way round. The crushing mechanism itself worked well – a bit like a magic trick! – and CJ, who is 6, loved playing with the working crane, picking the cars up and putting them in the different areas of the set.

Launching the cars out of the crusher is done by pressing a button, and you do have to have put the cars in correctly for the launcher to really do its job – otherwise the cars can get stuck, or may not travel quite as far as they need too!

Playing with Trash WheelsThe boys did love the cars and with 83 to collect I am sure they will be adding to them and wanting more to use with the set. The separate pack of 2 Trash Wheels retails at around £3.99 which is a reasonable price for extra cars to add to collection. The cars themselves are fairly small, and are made of a rubbery material which is a bit squishy! They work really well with the set, and are different from other cars available!

The set itself is fully connectable with the other Trash Wheels sets available (Burger Flip Out playset, and Gas’n’Go playset) which makes it an ideal thing for children to collect.

We think the Trash Wheels Junk Yard playset is a great toy to play with – and we like the fact that there are other cars to collect which aren’t going to cost the earth! It is robust, easy to store and looks like it’s going to last… but it could have done with some basic instructions to help you build it!


Disclosure: I received these products free of charge for the purposes of this review. All opinions are, as always, my own honest opinions and we received no other financial compensation. 



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