Christmas comes early for our Superhero fan!

It is no secret that my 6yr old, CJ, is a Superhero fan – in fact I would describe him as a Superhero Super-fan… with his pure passion and love of ANYTHING superhero.

Over the last couple of years he has built up his collection…but with the recent general popularity of the Superhero there is always more to buy and collect, and for my mini Superhero Superfan there are a host of dream toys that he would absolutely adore and love to own.

Luckily for him then, we were given the opportunity to work in collaboration with Argos, who have a huge range of dream toys available ready to fulfill the Christmas List of ANY child this Christmas, including our little Superhero Super-fan!

So what did my Superhero Super-fan choose to take a look at… well, we don’t need many guesses:

Argos 1

He chose the Fisher-Price Imaginext Batman Gotham City Jail, priced at £29.99.

Help Batman lock up Gotham City’s evilest criminal, Bane! When you turn a figure on the disk, Bane will power-up! A small black light activates causing him to glow with red eyes and illuminated veins. Turn a figure on another disk and Bane can jail-break out of prison. Rotate the Bat-Signal to call Batman for help to get Bane locked back up again.

Last year Father Christmas left CJ the Imaginext Bat Cave under the Christmas tree, and he has admired the Gotham City Jail to go with the cave ever since. For Mummy I love the fact that Imaginext has a number of toys in the same range, as it means there are always bits and pieces that we can add to the collection which will all work with each other and ‘fit together’. He has already spent some of his birthday pennies buying other characters and vehicles!

Bat cave and Gotham City Jail

The Gotham City Jail itself is somewhat smaller than the Bat Cave, but fits in perfectly. It uses the same figures (and comes with 2 new ones to add to the collection: Bane and Batman) and uses the same ‘twist’ mechanism on the special red platforms using the characters feet to operate different elements!

CJ LOVES Bane – not just as a character, but due to something VERY special which he can do in the jail! In a special little section at the top there is a UV ‘bat-light’ and when Bane is exposed he glows:

Illuminating Bane

Illuminated Bane


The light is switched on by twisting the red platform on the top of the jail – this can be done by hand, but should be done by Batman, whose feet fit into the little holes. You can then twist him round to switch the ‘bat-light’ on and off and reveal Banes glowing veins and red eyes!

The other red platform on the first floor of the jail operates the jail doors, which open when you twist one way and shut when you twist the other!

CJ absolutely LOVES his new Gotham City Jail – and I am impressed too. It has some lovely little features and being Imaginext, the build quality is great. With interchangeable figures, we also love the fact that it can be played with alongside some of his other toys…and the fact that there are more bits and pieces (other characters, vehicles etc) that Father Christmas can pop under the tree this year to build the set even more! These have already made the Christmas list!

Imaginext BatmanFor us, this is a perfect present for any Superhero Super-fan – kind on the pennies, great build quality and part of a collection that can grow and grow! What could be better?


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