Creating a Pinterest Packed Lunch – a #CBias #Shop Challenge!

I am sure there are many people, like me, who day in day out have to come up with a packed lunch for their little one(s) that has to keep their little tummy full all day, give them energy AND keep them healthy! So when I had the opportunity to take part in a Pinterest inspired healthy packed lunch challenge and sponsored post for Collective Bias® I thought it may just give me the boost I need to think about something different…

The Preparation…

My first port of call HAD to be Pinterest to find my inspiration, and there was inspiration-a-plenty to be found.

sandwichesI loved the ideas for sandwiches – cutting them to shape, adding edible embellishments and presenting them with little themed add on’s! It looked to me like lots of cheese slices had been used – so they went on my shopping list!

grapesThen I saw these grape caterpillars and thought they were fantastic. A really simple idea using a cocktail stick or wooden skewer to hold some grapes together, adding eyes with icing and chocolate drops! Brilliant – though better for older children because of the skewer! Grapes made it onto my list too…

The Shopping…


So armed with some ideas (you’ll have to wait to see my theme!!!) we set off to do our shop at our local Asda with bread, cheese slices, salami, carrots, grapes, strawberries and eggs on our list!

SalamiCharlie found the salami without a problem – there was a great selection and the shelves were really full, just like you would expect early on a Sunday morning just after opening.


The strawberries were not quite so well presented however, with a packet that had obviously split open and no boxes to replace them!

You can see our full shop story in my google+ album! 

The Making…

Back at home I was ready to get creative… and creative we got in the style of Batman!

Making the sandwich

I firstly got on with making the sandwich – a salami sandwich with a Batman logo made from a cheese slice base and salami bat symbol… and searchlight carrot sticks! It did take time shaping the cheese and the salami for the top of the sandwich (and I did have a little help from the hubby who is a lot more artistic than I am!). But all in all, I was impressed with my Batman sandwich!

Batman sandwich

The I decided to take the idea for the grape caterpillars but continue with the ‘Bat’ theme with grape bats!

Grape batsThese were easy to make, using one whole grape as the body and cutting another grape in half length-ways to make the wings. these were attached with a cocktail stick that had been split into two. To add the finishing touch, I used a little red icing from a writing icing pen to give the bats eyes. The only problem I had was that the container was quite small to fit them into, meaning only two grape bats could be made! I filled the space with the cut up strawberry slices!

grape batLast but not least I had to add a little treat! I had previously made some Chocolate chip cupcakes (that is what the eggs were for in the shopping!) and decided that they too would make some great bats!

bat cakesThese were quite fiddly to shape as the chocolate chips got in the way and made them crumble… but basically I sliced the cupcake into 2 rounds, shaped the sponge to look like a bat (or rather, the hubby shaped the sponge) then used the red writing icing to add some eyes. They were carefully placed in the other little box ready to go into the lunchbox…

batAnd that was it – one Pinterest inspired healthy lunch box completed…

Batman lunch

The Verdict…

Well, I had two Superhero mad boys who were hungry and more than ready to give their opinions…

boys verdict…and they LOVED it. The Batman lunch went down a storm!

Enjoying the batman lunchThe trouble is, they now want one EVERY day!!! Oh well… it seems like I will have to get up 30 minutes earlier each day!

6 thoughts on “Creating a Pinterest Packed Lunch – a #CBias #Shop Challenge!

    • I know…. they were so disappointed when I told them they wouldn’t get one every day as it took me half an hour to do! In fact, my eldest just reassured me it was easy, as all I needed to do was get up earlier!!!

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