Neapolitan ’99’ Ice-Cream Cupcakes!

You probably all know what it is like… one wants this, one wants that, then Daddy butts in too! Well, this is exactly what happened today when I offered to make cupcakes! You see are running a FABULOUS competition to win… well, a range cooker of course! And the task is simple (and fun too!) – to create a cupcake and blog about it!

Getting ready to cupcake

So how on earth will I please all 3 of my boys?

Cupcake Choices

Thank goodness I am creative… and LOVE baking! So it will be one cupcake with three flavours…

Neapolitan 99 cupcakeswith my Neapolitan ’99’ Cupcakes – inspired by a traditional holiday at the seaside! And here is how to make them.

So what do you need?

To make the cupcakes themselves the ingredients you need are:

  • 125g butter
  • 165g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs (ours were laid by the chickens next door!)
  • 225g SR flour
  • 125ml milk

This is enough to make 12 cupcakes, but I always double my mix to make 24!

So what do you do?

Butter and SugarStart by preheating the oven to 180oc, then beat the butter and sugar in a bowl until it is light and fluffy.

Beat in the eggsCrack the eggs into small bowls (to make sure you don’t get any shell in them!) then beat in the eggs one at a time.

Flour and MilkThen stir in the sifted flour and milk in 2 batches, beating well to mix it all together!

Dividing the mixtureTo make the three different flavours you then need to divide the mixture into three bowls.

VanillaTo make the vanilla ‘ice-cream’ flavour just add a cap-full of vanilla extract to the first bowl of mixture and stir it in.

StrawberryTo make the strawberry ‘ice-cream’ flavour, add a good squirt or two of red food colouring and a cap-full of strawberry essence/flavouring to the second bowl and give it a really good mix!

ChocolateTo make the chocolate ‘ice-cream’ flavour sieve in around 50g of cocoa powder to the third bowl and stir well!Filling the casesThen divide the mixture between the cupcake cases, adding a spoonful of each ‘ice-cream’ flavour mixture to each case.Ready for the oven

Bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes until springy to the touch!Out of the ovenOnce out of the oven, place the cakes on a wire rack to cool whilst you make the buttercream ‘ice-cream whippy’ topping!

What’s in the buttercream?

For this we used:

  • 125g butter
  • 240g icing sugar
  • Dash of milk
  • Vanilla extract

(Again, this is enough to ‘whip’ 12 cakes, so I doubled the mix!)

Whisk the butter

First whisk the butter until it is as white as possible. We use an electric whisk for this as it is quicker!ButtercreamThen gradually beat in the icing sugar, vanilla, and milk, checking the consistency is thick enough to leave a trail (just see if you can still see the pattern of the beaters in the buttercream when it is switched off!)

NEW piping nozzles

The chosen whippy one!

I was really excited to be able to use my NEW piping set that I had just got for my birthday, choosing a nozzle which I thought would give me a ‘whippy-like’ topping…Whippy cupcakesand thankfully I chose well! All of the cupcakes were topped ‘whippy-style’ to give the effect of an ice-cream!

Then we had a problem! You see, I thought I had some strawberry ice-cream sauce in the cupboard… but when I searched it wasn’t there! Aaaaaargh! How to make a strawberry sauce without having any!Sauce toppingSimple – I mixed some icing sugar with a dash of red food colouring, strawberry essence and water to make a thickish icing paste. I then piped this onto the whippy tops in swirls! Job done – phew!

99So all that was missing was the ’99’! Each flake was sliced into 4 pieces… and a piece popped into the top of each cupcake! Et voila…

Neapolitan '99' CupcakesNeapolitan ’99’ Cupcakes… ready to eat, and enjoy! And enjoy we did…

Enjoying the cupcakesAll three flavours were delicious, and each held its own in the Neapolitan style cupcake, and the icing… well that was yummy too!

And all three boys were happy – phew!

Having fun bakingBut the best bit of the day HAS to be the fun we had! We love cooking together, and I hope you may have been inspired to give it a go too!

Range Cookers


This post is my entry into the Cupcake Creative Competition. For more information on how to enter (and get your own entry in) just click here! 


22 thoughts on “Neapolitan ’99’ Ice-Cream Cupcakes!

    • Thanks for the comment – I thought the flake really finished them off, just like a whippy ice-cream!

  1. Good Morning Kate, Well I have to say, to me you have already won the Cupcake Competition as this is a wonderful recipe. Watching your boys helping you bake took me right back to when my daughters were young and baked with me….. they used to love it.
    I love Neapolitan ice creams….. reminds me of warm sunny days and visits to the beach.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that you win this fabulous cooker.
    Kate, I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower.
    I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time, as it will be lovely to see you there.
    Best Wishes to you,

    • Hi Daphne, Thanks so much for you comments – what a way to make a girl smile in the morning! I will indeed pop over to visit your blog… and thanks again! I have my fingers (and toes) crossed too! Kate x

  2. What an awesome idea!!!!! How fab would these be inside ice-cream cones?! I still haven’t been brave enough to try those sorts of cupcakes out yet, but will definitely give these a go :)

    Good luck for the comp! xx

    • I did think about Ice-Cream cones – then wondered how to store them in a tin?!? Maybe that could be my Dragon’s Den invention :) Thanks for the comment x

  3. Loved these cupcakes, they were such a good idea and the marbling of the three flavours looks fantastic. It was very hard picking a winner, but you were in our highly commended list, which I’ve just posted on my blog now.

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