My Budget Bucket List (and what I WOULD do if I could!)

It is something I hate thinking about – but something which seems to have become VERY popular of late – making a bucket list!


I think it is because it is associated with dying – but then there are things I would LOVE to do before I drift off.

Inevitably there are some things which will be FAR more achievable than others and we all know that that is due to money. I f I had a money tree, maybe… but I don’t!

Money Supermarket are running competition, to find out all about what is on our “Bucket Lists”, what are those things we would love to achieve during our lives, be it budget or extravagent.

So what is on my ‘bucket list’? What do I really want to do before the big man decides that my time is up?

If I had all the money in the world…

I would LOVE to travel to Egypt and explore the pyramids, tombs and artifacts!

Pyramids_at_GizaHow amazing and just mystifying looking at these beautiful ancient buildings that remain on the landscape. Just who were these people? And how on earth did they create such masterpieces that are still visible today? I am in absolute awe of the Ancient Egyptians… and in fact, had I not been so passionate to go into teaching, my other love was archaeology! I could have been there, exploring and discovering for myself – and just IMAGINE that feeling if it was YOU who found another piece of ancient treasure, another clue into the distant world!

Luxor_Temple_R05The magnificence of the temples – the sheer scale and advanced technology they would have used, the vision they had! It is simply stunning…

Egypt-Hieroglyphs…and somewhere I fear I will never actually see! The cost, the political unrest… it is stacked against my dream. But who knows… one day I may get to see these beauties of the ancient world for myself, and I may get my once in a lifetime opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs!

And on a budget?

Another of my great loves is Beatrix Potter… I just love her books, and love the thought of her life in the Lake District.

Hilltop_Farm, fact that as a woman she broke the traditions of society and made her own way in life with her books, the tragedy of the loss of her fiance… the sense of worth in her that made her save and preserve so much of the natural beauty surrounding her in the Lake District!

So how does this fit in? Well I would LOVE to revisit Hilltop House – her beautiful Lake District home. I would LOVE to research into her Lake side walks and follow the paths in her footsteps, experiencing the beauty she was so passionate to preserve.

And I want to share all of this with my children to give them the same insight into this strong and fascinating woman and her life.

Beatrixin1913So this is my budget option – still historical, but worlds apart!

Will I get to achieve these things? Here’s hoping x

What about you? What is on your bucket list? I’d be really interested to know!


This post is my entry for the Money SuperMarket Budget Bucket Lists Competition and I would like to tag the following 3 friends to take part in the competition, if they would like to of course!

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