Baking with House of the Rising Bun!

I was so excited when I was asked if I would like to do a spot of baking with House of the Rising Bun – not only because I LOVE baking, but because I remember seeing their products on the ‘Cooks to Market’ series on T.V. I really enjoyed the program… and thought the idea of some easy to make cake mixes, which were all natural, was a great one!

House of the Rising Bun RaspberryI must admit, I am a baker who looks at cake mixes in the supermarket and always tells the boys that ‘Mummy can make better’… so I was really interested to see how these ‘All Natural Cake Mixes’ would compare.

House of the Rising Bun Raspberry PackagingI was sent three different ones to try – but the boys and I settled on the Raspberry and Vanilla Cake Mix to kick things off. I loved the sound of the raspberry icing – whilst JT (who loves raspberries) was more excited about the prospect of the ‘real fruit’ bits. The packaging for the mix is lovely – it feels really ‘home-made’ and inviting… and natural!

The packet contains nearly all you need to make a 7″ round cake or 12 cupcakes – all you need to add is 150g of butter and 3 eggs, two things I usually have in my fridge anyway! The instructions are really simple and step-by-step, so are easy to follow… even with two excited boys eager to help!

Creaming the butterTo start we weighed out the butter, then creamed it in the bowl until it was soft.

House of the Rising Bun Raspberry MixThen we added the cake mix, and stirred well to combine. As we mixed it became apparent that there really were fruit pieces ACTUALLY INSIDE the cake mix as bits of raspberry started to show! This really impressed me – and I suppose reassured me of the quality of the product!

Adding the eggsWe then cracked the eggs and added them to the mix one at a time, stirring each one in well as we went. The mixture became looser and more like a home-made sponge mix, with the raspberry pieces still visible!

When everything was well combined, we turned the mix into a greased and lined cake tin – my only problem was that I don’t have a 7″ tin, so I had to use my 8″ cake tin. This meant our cake was a little thinner than it should have been (but it would still taste just as good!).

Raspberry CakeAs it cooked the raspberry scent was delicious – and when it came out of the oven the cake looked soft and was springy to the touch. As it cooled on a wire rack, we got on with the icing which was provided in the packet!

Raspberry IcingThe icing was easy to make – we emptied the powder into a bowl, added the suggested amount of water and mixed… and to our surprise the icing wasn’t white, but a raspberry pink, with raspberry pips in it too! Yum yum! It tasted great too!

House of the Rising Bun Raspberry CakeWhen the cake was cool enough, we drizzled the icing over and left it for a few minutes to set a little – then we all dived in to have a slice! It was delicious – soft and fruity with a REAL home-made feel to it! Not a normal cake mix at all!

As a Mum who usually avoids cake mixes, this certainly opened my eyes as to how a cake mix ‘could’ be – and I must admit I was, and still am, impressed! The boys loved the raspberry pieces, Daddy loved the soft sponge and I just loved the whole thing! Simple, easy and tasty! At £4.99 they are more expensive than the ones you buy in the supermarket – but when you add in the fact that these are artisan, natural cake mixes that are as good as home-made, then I think they deserve their price tag! This is no ordinary sponge cake!

I can’t wait to give the other flavours a go – will it be the Lemon and Poppy Seed, or the Halloween Special flavour that gets made next?

Disclaimer – We were sent three different cake mixes free of charge for the purposes of this review but received no other financial compensation. All of the opinions are my own and are, as always, honest. 

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