The changes one event can make…

I have decided to get all reflective – I don’t know why – but in the shower this morning I suddenly realised just how different life could be if one, just one, event hadn’t happened!

The event? Well, when I was 20 weeks pregnant with JT in 2005 we were JUST about to move. It was a LOVELY house, walking distance to the local town, and perfect for our family which was about to grow. As we were leaving for the hospital for my 20 week scan we had a phone call from the estate agent, the week before moving, to inform us that the seller had changed her mind and the move was off!

As you can imagine, we were devastated, and I spent my whole scan (which should have been a happy experience) crying – so much so the sonographer gave us all the photo’s for free!

We eventually moved when I was 31 weeks pregnant to a different, bigger house but in a slightly different area – the next village along!

So how does this change everything you may ask?

Well, on reflection, if we had not moved into our current house when we did I may not have gone into labour at 32 weeks, then gone on to have JT at 35 weeks. He would have been in the next school year (he was due 23rd September but born 24th August). So we have met friends (and neighbours with children in the same class) we would not have met otherwise.

The kids would have gone to a different school, as there is one which would have been more local. If they had gone to a different school, my youngest would have not met his best friend – so we would have not met their parents (with whom we have become good friends) and thus, when my hubby was in need of an investor to move his business forward, would have not gone into business with Charlie’s best friend’s dad!

If this had not of happened my Hubby wouldn’t have had such a good year at work, enabling to once again grow his workforce, thus meeting some REALLY fab people who are now good friends too!

Our cat would not have been run over and cost us so much money causing the anxiety attacks I suffered as a consequence.

We have had some tough years since 2005 but have come through them smiling… I just can’t believe how different things could have been! And when I look back – I am so glad that the initial house move fell through… because I LOVE where we are today!

Do you have an event that you think could have changed your life?

One thought on “The changes one event can make…

  1. I think they call this the butterfly effect don’t they, any one small change whatever it is, will set of a chain reaction to change everything else around it. Thats why I also believe things happen for a reason, cos you never know what they will lead to!

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