Staying Safe in the Sun #CBias #SummerSafety

Woohoo!!! The sun has landed – finally! We wait and wait and wait for it – and then seem to moan that it is too hot!

sunAnd when the sun does land, though we are tempted just to enjoy it, we do need to think about staying safe!

Though we do need sunlight to survive, too much of it can be bad for us and can damage our skin, not to mention make us look like lobsters when we burn. Even on cloudy and cool days the UV radiation can cause unseen damage to the skin – which can, in turn, also lead to skin cancers.

So – yes, let’s enjoy the summer, but let’s stay safe too! Here are my top tips for staying safe in the sun:

  • USE SUN CREAM – it may be a simple one, but sun cream can so often be overlooked and forgotten. Make sure you cover all of your exposed skin with a sun cream with an SPF of 15 or over, and re-apply it regularly! 
  • COVER UP – the sun seems to make us want to strip off, but in fact, covering up with a cool t-shirt, hat and sunglasses can help to keep us safe. Keep an eye on the shoulders and ears, as they are often forgotten!
  • STAY IN THE SHADE – particularly during the hottest part of the day (12-2pm). Try not to stay out in the direct sunlight for too long, and take plenty of breaks in the shade! Be careful of reflections which can cause you to burn too – on the beach it could be reflections from the sand which may burn the top of your feet, or even reflections from water!
  • DRINK LOTS – it is really important not to gt dehydrated on hot days. Make sure you have plenty of drinks (cool water is really good) to keep your body hydrated to cope with the heat. You could even sneak some ice-lollies in too!

The trick is to always be aware and be prepared – then you can enjoy the sun for as long as it lasts (and here’s hoping it’s longer than a week!)


2 thoughts on “Staying Safe in the Sun #CBias #SummerSafety

  1. useful tips! I am finding myself getting too much headache today with the sun overhead, cos it is soooo hot and busy rushing round outside all day.

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