My Simon Howie Family Meal Planner Box Challenge – Day 3!

If you haven’t seen my original post, we were lucky to be chosen to take part in a Family Meal Planner Box challenge by Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher.

Simon Howie Family Meal Box Challenge

The Family Meal Planner Box from Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher provides you with enough meat to feed a family of 4 for a week – so that is 28 portions for £53!

On day 1 we chose to cook the Chicken Kievs as it was a busy day with little time to cook. Day 2 was a slightly different story, so I got a little more creative with the Beef Steak Mince, and in 2 days I had managed to rustle up 9 portions out of the promised 28!

Day 3 was another busy day, so a quick dinner was needed (to fit in between swimming and a PTFA meeting!)  – and that is where the Beef and Pepper Kebabs were PERFECT!

Beef and Pepper Kebabs

Priced at £6.80 for 4 kebabs (so I had £13.60 worth here as the box contains 8 kebabs) the kebabs are lean cubes of rump steak on a skewer with mixed peppers and coated in The Scottish Butcher’s chefs special marinade.

Simon Howie Beef and Pepper Kebabs

They would be PERFECT for the barbecue – but on a busy day it was the griddle pan that was used! They were a great size for this and the sticks fit in with no problems!

It was obvious from the off that the pieces of meat used were of a good quality – they were well coloured, were thick and tasty looking and had just the right amount of natural marbled  fat so that no extra oil was needed!

10 minute kebabs

And the best bit? Well that has to be the time they took to cook – only 10 minutes! Just long enough to cook my yellow rice to go with them!

paprika and turmeric

Yellow rice is EASY and tasty – simply cook your rice in the normal was, but add a chicken stock cube, 1/2 tsp of turmeric and 1 tsp of paprika into the rice whilst it is cooking! This makes a really tasty rice, and something just a little more interesting!

10 minutes later, and with the rice and kebabs ready it was tea time…

Beef and Pepper Kebabs The Scottish Butcher

And the kebabs were a HUGE hit: Beef Kebabs Simon Howie

Simon Howie Kebabs

…inevitably leading to empty plates! .

Beef and Pepper Kebabs

I must admit, I was a little concerned that the boys wouldn’t like the marinade – but they LOVED it and I think it really helped to keep the meat tender! My eldest has choked once or twice on beef, and can be really funny about eating it, chewing it forever to make sure he won’t choke again – but this meat was juicy and tender, and really easy to eat!

When it came to mine and the hubby’s tea later that night, we had exactly the same, only I added a chicken stock cube, 2 tsp of pilau rice seasoning and a handful of frozen mixed vegetables to the rice to give it more of an Indian flavour!

Beef and Pepper Kebabs Simon Howie

So 3 days in, 13 portions down… and smiles all round! I am really impressed with the meat in the Simon Howie Family Meal Planner Box once again – the quality is FANTASTIC and, to be honest, I am sure the 8 kebabs would have stretched to another adult portion as they were full of tender beef! I wasn’t sharing though!!!

What will we make next? Watch out for my next post to find out!

Beef and Pepper Kebabs

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Simon Howie Family Meal Planner Box free of charge as part of our Family Meal Planner Box for our Simon Howie Family Meal Box Challenge. All opinions are my own, honest opinions – as always!

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