My Family Meal Planner Box Challenge with Simon Howie, The Scottish Butcher!

I LOVE a challenge – so when Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher set me a Family Meal challenge with their Family Meal Planner Box I was more than up for it!

Simon Howie Family Meal Box Challenge

Designed to feed a family of four for a week, the Family Meal planner box contains 28 servings of meat and looks perfect to use as a weekly meal planner. And priced at £53 it sounded to me like a great price for feeding the family with meat from a proper butcher for a week – and it would be delivered STRAIGHT to my door! BONUS!

The box arrived as scheduled, which made it easy to plan to be in for delivery! In fact, the box was delivered to my husband’s work…

Simon Howie Family Meal Planner box arrivingThe box was sturdy and I knew as it was an polystyrene box the meat inside would be well insulated… and this is something Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher had obviously thought of too…

So, what exactly is inside the box and what do you get for your money? Well here goes…

Simon Howie Pork Sausages

One pack of traditional Perthshire Pork Sausages…

Simon Howie Chicken Kievs4 Chef Prepared Chicken Kievs…

Simon Howie Lamb T-Bone Chops4 Lamb T-Bone Chops…

Simon Howie Whole ChickenA Whole Chicken….

Simon Howie Chicken Breast Fillets4 Chicken Breast Fillets…

Simon Howie Steak MinceA 500g pack of Extra Lean Steak Mince…beef and pepper kebabs Simon Howie

and 8 Beef and Pepper Kebabs!

Phew… a LOT of meat for your money! I immediately loved the fact that there were some almost ‘ready’ meals in the box – the kebabs and kievs would be GREAT for a quick tea. And the fact that the mince is extra lean is brilliant too – as this is all I would usually buy!  Another thing that was good was the fact that the different products had different use by dates on them… all had at least a few days, but the dates would in total last me 7 days so all the meat could go in the fridge, and would last the full week without it going off, as long as I planned my meals!

The final thing that I REALLY liked was the ‘feel’ of the box. The traditional ‘Simon Howie The Scottish Butcher’ branding was carried throughout – from the tape to seal the box and all the labels on the packaging inside, to the postcard that was included and the top cover paper! It all gave the box a ‘premium’ feel – and I could tell that my meat was coming from a traditional butcher.

Simon Howie The Traditional Butchers

All that was left to do now was to plan my week’s meals and get going with the challenge! What would I cook?….and will I get 28 portions from my box?

I’m afraid you’ll have to catch up with me on my next ‘Family Meal Planner Box Challenge’ post… ‘cos I’m off to the kitchen to get making some meals!

Simon Howie Family Meal Box Challenge

Disclosure: I was sent a Family Meal Planner Box free of charge for the purposes of this review and challenge, but all opinions remain my own and are honest, as always. I received no other financial compensation. 

13 thoughts on “My Family Meal Planner Box Challenge with Simon Howie, The Scottish Butcher!

    • And it’s really good quality too. Sometimes with boxes you get the cheaper bits – but the chicken kievs, for example, are whole big chicken breasts… and the mince is really good quality extra lean meat. Really tasty – and not much fat! VERY impressed x

  1. Like the idea of this! although that meat would last us about a month!! but if there was a halal version it will come in quite handy for me, i keep meaning to do meal planning and never do it!

  2. I also don’t eat meat….. 😀

    My partner and the 4 of our children who do eat meat would no doubt enjoy it though. They don’t eat a lot of meat, but what they do eat is generally very good quality and this seems like the sort of thing we’d go for :)

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