Living Puppets – a review for The Toadstool!


We were THRILLED to be chosen as Toy Tester for The Toadstool… and even more excited when our first parcel arrived, lovingly packed… and containing 2 VERY LOVELY puppets!


Living Puppets We had been sent Paula, the pretty and shy puppet who LOVES to whisper into your ear and Fridulin Donkey, a cheeky ‘Shrek-like’ donkey who is always mucking about but wants to be your BEST friend!

Paula and Fridulin are 2 of a collection of Living Puppets available online on The Toadstool and they are both hand puppets which are suitable for children aged 3+.

Paula is a 35cm high puppet with removable and washable clothes. She is operated by your hand which goes into the back of her head to move her mouth and head, and there is the option to put your other hand in the arms to move Paula’s arms, hands and fingers great for lively puppet play.

The quality of the puppet is second to none – really smooth material, detailed throughout (with cords on the clothing to tie and an embellished heart on her top, a bow in her hair, lovely little toes which fit neatly into the sandals and even realistic feeling and looking hair) and a durable hole to fit both a child and adults hand which is well hidden! You can even go so far as to operate her tongue with a finger! She is fully un-dressable too so great for a little one who wants to play Mummies or Daddies!

Fridulin the Donkey is a really adorable but cheeky looking character. At 45cm long he is a really sizeable puppet, which, at £29.50, instantly makes his good value for money! Perfect for encouraging imaginations, creative play and development, Fridulin the donkey is a loveable and cuddly creature which again is hand operated by putting your hand in his tummy to move his mouth and head. The hole is once again perfect for children and adults alike, so Mummy could have a go too! He has REALLY soft fur which is really soft to cuddle, and his lovely leather hooves show the detail that has gone into creating the character.

The boys had GREAT fun playing with them (and cuddling them too!):

At £29.50 for Frudulin Donkey and £42 for Paula, the Donkey is the better value puppet – but they are both EXTREMELY well made and lovable and will last for years to come! If your children are into puppet and role play and have active imaginations to keep entertained – the living puppets are definitely worth the investment!

Check out the full range at The Toadstool!




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