Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker – was it cool?

Chill Factor

The boys were really excited when we received a Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker to test out – and they couldn’t wait to test it out!

Chill Factor Slushy

The kit is really simple – including a Chill Factor Slushy Maker cup with a lid and straw.  And it’s really simple to use too…

IMAG0090…simply pop the cup into the freezer for 4-6 hours or until frozen,


fill with the chilled drink of your choice (this can be a dairy drink, bit you need to pop it back in the freezer for a couple of minutes if so!),

IMAG0168pop the lid back on… and squeeze! Magically, within a minute of so, your drink will have turned to slush – and were the boys impressed… well I would say so!


Our Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slush Maker worked straight away – and the boys LOVED the slush so much that they actually came to a little tussle over who would have it first!



Eventually they took it in turns to share the slush, using the straw and the clever spoon on the end of the straw to slurp up the slush!

IMAG0087The instructions in the booklet were clear and easy to follow – and even show you how to pull it apart and put it back together in order to give it a good wash (using warm soapy water!)

So what is the verdict? Well the boys gave it a huge thumbs up and a 10/10 (in the moment they could tear themselves away from it!). The only problem now is that they will want one each – but at £12.99 RRP, Mummy feels it is maybe a little on the pricey side!




Disclaimer: We were sent the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker free of charge for the purposes of this review, but our review remains our honest opinion.

37 thoughts on “Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker – was it cool?

  1. Good review, I was thinking same as u tho a little pricey :-) will cash me boots points in lol that way only costs a tenner hehe

  2. I have heard of these but wasn’t quite sure what it is or how it works, but it sounds so cool, so now I want one! but same as with yours, they will fight over it, so I would need 3 or so… I will keep my eye out im sure some special offers will come up??

  3. Wow – looks fab. Miss M is crazy about slushy drinks at the moment and has one in every cafe we go in. Looks so compact with just the cup compared to the usual slushy machines you get.

  4. I bought two of these on offer at good food- one froze but the other one will not which is disappointing so did not think worth the money and have one sad boy.

      • Same thing happened to my sister, we went back to the store for a replacement and the new one works just fine! In fact, my mum ended up buying 4 for everyone in my family by the end we all enjoyed them so much!

  5. I brought one for me and one for friends birthday I think it’s amazing. Considering you can use it over and over again I don’t think it’s expensive. If you have to buy a few then yea it will add up. I have no idea how much a slush puppy is now must be about 2 pounds so really it’s a bargain lol

  6. I have brought one and washed it out. The clear lining is filled with water is that right? I left it in the freezer over night and its like an ice cube. Have I done something wrong?

    • Sounds right – if you add your drink inside, leave it a minute or two, then squash it around it should work!

  7. I got one the other day first 3-4 times I used it it was great loved it. now… I left it in the freezer overnight and not frozen…. Not even in the slightest? What’s happened

  8. Just bought one, tested works great, but I £12 a little expensive if you need to buy more than 1 and soon adds up, but it seems good quality and bigger than I thought it would be, and you get a spoon/straw with it so really if you did go out and buy 1 slush you would be spending about 1-2 pound maybe more every time but now you have the cup you don’t need to spend anymore money, just a pain with the waiting for it to freeze that’s also why you need more than 1.

    @hayley, try only putting it in the freezer for less hours.

    Overall I’m pretty impressed with the product.

  9. Hi, the slushy maker looks amazing. I Def have to have one. Just thought I would pass on that they are on offer at boots at the moment. 3 for the price of 2 which is great for multiple purchases!

    • Guys I have one in the freezer I hate waiting for it but I think ts going to be yummy I’ll tell u if I do when I try it lucky me xxxx

    • Its yummy and great for kids in the summer just pop them in the freezer over night and hey presto

  10. I bought one and i left it over night and it still hasn’t frozen! I’m really sad and don’t know what to do!

    • Sometimes ours doesn’t seem to freeze now it has been used. I’d suggest contacting them if you’re having real problems!

  11. Hi, my daughter got one for christmas and following instructions it has worked perfectly. Only one problem now, the instructions have been binned & I have no idea how to take it apart to wash it. can anyone talk me through it please.

  12. i have put 2 in the freezer, left in in overnight not a single ice flake too be seen on any of them. thought there must be something wrong with the freezer so used another freezer, they have both been there for two days and also not a single bit of ice to be found. very dissappointed!

    • I’d return them to where you bought them, or contact the manufacturer to let them know…hopefully they’ll be able to help x

  13. My slushie cup takes over 24 hours to freeze and dose it need to be solid and am i doing anything wrong

  14. I got one for Christmas and so did my brother and we have kept ours in the freezer for 6 hours and had no ice in at all so we kept it in for longer, 24 hours still no ice at all. Over all we kept it in for 48 hours and there was still nothing at all. We have now chucked the box away so would it still be possible to take them back or not? Could there be anything we are doing wronge?

  15. We bought two, one for each of our two children. We followed the instructions to the letter, left them in the deep freezer overnight (12 hours plus). The inner lining (the bit that contains the liquid) remained unfrozen yet it was very cold but it doesn’t work. We are all very disappointed! The kids are upset because they chose this product over the latest Barbie movie and Mr. Peabody and Sherman!!!

    • Sorry to hear that! We have had times where it hasn’t worked straight away! If you can maybe try putting them deeper into your freezer, turning the freezer temperature down (if poss) and make sure you add a cold chilled liquid to the maker. You can always pop it back in the freezer fo a few moments with the liquid in before you squeeze – that sometimes helps! Good luck x

  16. i brought one for my daughter for christmas and in january the ice has leaked my daughter put her slushy liquid in the cup and tasted very salty which is the stuff that is used to make it frozen very disapointed

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