Spooky Steps by Orchard Toys – a scary way to play!

We were thrilled to be asked by Orchard Toys to take a look at a brand new game they were releasing. All the Orchard Toys games we have played so far have been fantastic – and educational – so we were excited to see what this new release was going to be like!

Spooky Steps

One, two, three four. Dare you take one step more? Take a chance as you creep through the spooky house to reach to cauldron and break the witch’s spell!

Suitable for 2-4 players and for children aged 4+, Spooky Steps is appealing from the word go! The box is bright, colourful and really well themed… very inviting for the children and mummy alike!

AND this game has a 3D board – something we have never before seen from an Orchard Toys game – so it made the boys even more excited than ever to get into the box and get playing!

The box itself contains a jigged board game (which you put together a bit like a puzzle), slot together walls (which give the 3D element), a 3d magic cauldron with spinner, 4 frog playing pieces with stands, 42 footstep cards, 6 ghosts cards, 6 cobweb cards and a ghost board. There is also an instruction leaflet – phew!

With Orchard Toys, all the board used for games, puzzles and product packaging is 100% recycled. The paper used for printed covers is sourced from sustainable forests and coated with a water-based varnish and all are manufactured in the UK – so not only are you getting a great game but you are being environmentally friendly too! BONUS!

DSCF4238The Spooky Steps board was easy and straight forward to put together – so much so that my 7 year old did it all himself, and once he did he was even keener to get playing!

In a nutshell you are a frog and have to get round the board and be the first to break the witch’s spell and change yourself back into a human. To move you have to turn over the footstep cards… but BEWARE – mixed in with the footstep cards are the ghosts and cobwebs!

DSCF4240There are 2 ways to play the game – you can choose to turn over as many cards as you can,hoping for the footsteps, stopping when you turn over a cobweb card . You can then move forward the amount of footsteps you have turned over! But if you turn over a ghost card you have to move back the number of footsteps you have revealed instead of moving forward. Alternatively you can choose to stop turning the cards at any time and just move the number of footsteps you have found!

DSCF4253Any cards you have turned over are put into a discard pile, apart from the ghost which are collected on the ghost board. Once this is full you take ALL the cards, shuffle and lay them out again to continue playing!

Sounds complicated – but really it is simple… so much so that we were soon playing like pros, with lots of family giggles!

CauldronOnce you reach the cauldron you can spin… and you win if you land on a human! If you land on a frog, you have to wait until your next turn to spin again and try and break the witch’s spell.

And that’s it – you have a WINNER!!!


So did we have fun? Well, what do you think…

The great thing about Orchard Toys’ games is that they ALL have an educational benefit – and this is clear by looking at the box and in practice with the playing! Not only does Spooky Steps enable children to use numbers in meaningful contexts and combine groups to count, but it also encourages observation, encourages strategic thinking, develops social communication and turn taking AND links with the Early Learning Goals and the Key Stage 1 maths National Curriculum! GREAT!

And you may be wondering who won our game…well, it is pretty clear:


And what did me and the boys think of the game? We LOVE it – so much so that it has already been played 3 times, and it is currently set up on the table ready for round 4!The board is great quality – strong and sturdy, and I know it will stand the test of time! We LOVE to environmentally friendly element to the game too. The idea behind the game is brilliant and the boys really like concept and the design. It is really appealing to children and I think the funky board and 3D aspect just make it even better! Spooky Steps is another real triumph from Orchard Toys, and we would definitely recommend this new game to any family wanting some traditional family fun! 10/10!


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  1. I enjoyed this one! Good fun. Very little skill involved which suits me! It’s a game we keep going back to play which is always a good sign.

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