Did the Dino Bite? A Toyologist’s review…

Coming up to Christmas we usually have to make a tough choice… we always buy a new family game and this year there were 2 contenders and DinoBite was the runner up that got left on the shelf!




So when we were sent Dino Bite in our latest Toyologist box we were more than chuffed! My eldest has LOVED dinosaurs for around 4 years now… when I say LOVED dinosaurs I mean to say that he knows the name of just about every dinosaur under the sun, even dinosaurs that I can not pronounce… so we have become almost experts over the years! 




Dinobite is a game for 2-4 players aged 4+ (though I think you could play with younger children if they used their fingers instead of the tweezers supplied!).It retails for £14.99. 

Basically a GIANT t-rex is guarding a nest of coloured eggs, and you have to use your skills to lift the leaf and pinch an egg using the giant tweezers without disturbing him. If the ‘dino bites’, he lunges forward and you are out! To make it a little more complicated there is a dice which you throw before your turn, which dictates which colour egg you need to pinch – and it can even make you miss your turn! 

As you are playing there are realistic jungle and ‘dinosaur roar’ noises, just to add to the atmosphere – and when the t-rex lunges, he REALLY lunges, giving a little bit of a shock for the player (at least the first few times!!!).


The instructions provided are simple, clear and really easy to follow telling you all you need to know to set up and play the game.


Before you play, however, you do need to attach the dinosaur to the base… which I actually found difficult to do. The holes in the t-rex’s feet need to line up EXACTLY with the slots on the base and it was a little fiddly to do… so much so that I had to pass it to daddy for his expert attention.


Then there was the battery issue. Obviously to make noises and lunge forward, DinoBite requires batteries… 2 AA batteries to be exact. These were easy to fit with the help of a phillips screwdriver, but I feel there is nothing worse than opening a game to realise it needs batteries (which you have to go and find) and then to put the batteries in you need a screwdirver (which you have to go and find)…. especially when you have 2 children waiting to play! For me, I think it really wouldn’t hurt for the games to come provided with their first 2 batteries… even have them in and ready to go so that you can get playing straight away rather than having to make your young, enthusiastic players wait until it is ready! 



Anyway, once said batteries and t-rex were in place, we were playing within seconds… and the boys LOVED the game. It was a little difficult for my 4 year old to use the tweezers, so he pinched the eggs with his fingers – but my 6 year old managed the tweezers well. 


They thought the dinosaur noises were brilliant and they really added to the game play, and when the t-rex lunged – well, both boys jumped backwards thinking it was BRILLIANT!!!


We had to play a good few times… and bend the rules because the boys didn’t want to be out!



Our last challenge was putting it back in the box. Initially I couldn’t make it fit, trying each angle to get the lid closed.


I nearly gave up, thinking it would be silly to have to remove the dinosaur from the base EACH TIME you wanted to put it away. But, in a last attempt, I realised that you have to put the dinosaur into his forwards ‘lunge’ position to close the lid properly. That done, it was away with ease! 


So, what is our verdict?

Well the boys LOVED the game and have played it a good few times since we tested it out. They gave it 10/10!

For me, I thought the game was a great idea and brilliant to develop the children’s fine motor skills. I loved the noises and the ‘thrill’.. but did feel it could come with batteries. I gave it an 8/10. 




Thumbs up!



My favourite Disney film?

Everyone has one… but there are so many to choose from… so when I was asked what my favourite Disney film was it actually took a lot of thought. 


Would it be a classic? Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland or maybe Robin Hood? Would it be a modern film? The Lion King, Toy Story or maybe Finding Nemo?

I do love them all… and would watch any at the drop of a hat… but my FAVOURITE Disney film means so much more to me and brings back so many childhood memories! 

Think of a warm, cosy Christmas Eve, sat as a family in the front room, almost ready for bed with the glow of the Christmas tree lights… think of the smell of mince pies baking in the oven, the sound of sweet wrappers and foils crinkling… and then think of Disney’s 1983 classic of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.


With Mickey playing the part of Bob Cratchit and Donald as the miser Ebeneezer Scrooge, Mickey’s Christmas Carol is an animated version of the Charles Dickens masterpiece… and it doesn’t fail to deliver! Just as the original version, uncle Scrooge is visited by 3 different ghosts after meeting his old partner Jacob Marley (who is played by a rather clumsey Goofy!). Though a little scary at times (well, scary for a 5 year old… maybe not so scary by the time I was 8 or 9) the short film is full of Christmas magic, and certainly adds to the festive spirit that Christmas brings. 


Poor little Tiny Tim features too… and his heart-warming story makes for a fantastic ending as Scrooge discovers the true meaning of Christmas and emerges from his ‘long’ Christmas Eve sleep to view the Christmassy world in a whole new light, saving the day for the poor Cratchit family! 


For YEARS I have wanted to get the film on DVD to share with the boys… but it just isn’t available outside of America… that is until I discovered it was on YouTube (YAY!) so last year managed to show the boys my FAVOURITE film and share the magic with them. It was amazing to watch it again myself after all these years! 

Now the boys are a little older I would LOVE them to see Mickey in the flesh… and one day I am sure we will! We may not make it all the way to America… though I am sure the hubby would love it if we did (and I’m sure Nana and Grandad would too!) . Maybe more realistically may be a trip to Disney Land Paris – a little closer and maybe just a bit more affordable! In fact I was looking into it the other day and came across Paris Est, one of Al Fresco Holiday’s holiday parks that is close to Disney Land Paris, which does have some great deals currently available for 2013 bookings.

Maybe I’ll have to smile sweetly and suggest a Christmas trip! Maybe then i can experience Christmas with Mickey, Donald and Goofy in the flesh… without the scary spirits paying me a visit too :o)

So, all this leads me to ask… What’s your favourite Disney film?

Getting busy with Izziwizzi – A Guest Post!

Every week for nearly 2 years now i have been busily involved with Izziwizzi Kids… and it was Izziwizzi who actually stated me on my Vlogging journey! Focussing on children’s play, it has been great to chat with like minded people on both twitter and facebook about different toys, brands, craft activites and most importantly play ideas! We have also been lucky enough to review a number of toys and products for Izziwizzi – just take a look at my Izziwizzi page! 
So when Al from Izziwizzi asked me if she could guest post… my answer was a HUGE YES! So here goes…

Join the Izziwizzi Kids Play Community

I have been I feel so happy to know Kate from What Me and The Boy’s Say blog and was delighted when she offered for me to post on her blog. Kate has brought lots of fun to Play Fest over the last 2 years and she loves to keep me on my toes and makes me do things properly. She always follows up with ‘that’s the teacher in me’
For those of you not familiar with Izziwizzi Kids or Play Fest I am Al Boxall-Gordon of the Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest. I’m a mum of three children aged 8, 6 and 4 and host the Play Fest which is a FREE weekly event on Twitter and Facebook. As part of building this up over the last two years I have also established a social media marketing business Buzz Internet Marketing supporting brands and businesses to use social media effectively to get closer to their customers. Play Fest is an opportunity for all families to get involved and have a say about something topical in the field of toys, games and play. We get brands, retailers, bloggers…you name it involved. We partner up with lots of fabulous brands and retailers to giveaway lots of goodies and discounts.
Kate regularly gets involved in Play Fest. She even appears in the Play Fest video that we made back in summer 2011 sharing what it means to get involved. It makes me really pleased that Kate started out her journey with reviews with Izziwizzi Kids and has grown from strength to strength including working with Toys R Us. Kate has also played a pivotal role in shaping Play Fest and making it a brilliant place to be for families.
I’d really love to get you involved in Play Fest with Kate. So here’s what you need to get involved. Izziwizzi would like you to come and join Kate and get involved in Play Fest. It’s FREE! It’s every Thursday evening on Facebook and every Tuesday evening on Twitter. You can find more details by following Izziwizzi on Twitter or liking the Izziwizzi Kids Facebook Fan Page.
Over the coming weeks you can enjoy Play Fest with Slow Toys (with Selfridges) and Galt Toys
with some stocking fillers for Christmas. Follow Izziwizzi Kids to keep up with more exciting
things in the pipeline.