Treat your feet with a little help from JML!

Hands up if you have ever wished your feet were a little more ‘beautiful’ or a little ‘smoother’… if you have ever hidden your feet because of callous, dry skin…

If your hand is up then this review is for you!

I was recently asked if I would like to review the Ped Egg for the ever increasingly popular JML. Knowing that my feet were in need of some summer shaping I jumped at the opportunity!

JML invents and discovers products from around the globe and promotes them on 7,000 screens in around 4,000 retail stores in Britain and Ireland (including ASDA, Boots and Tesco). JML has 5 TV shopping channels in the UK on Sky, numbers 631, 632, 652, 656 and 657. JML also operates a website at

The Ped Egg was awarded product if the year in the beauty grooming category and has taken the UK by storm with over 3 million sold in less than 18 months. It is available, priced £9.99, from http://www, , ADSA, Boots and Superdrug.

The Ped Egg itself is available in white and pink – the one I received to review was white. It was really well packaged with a great memorable logo visable both on the packaging and on the product. The package contained the Ped Egg itself along with 2 exfoliating finishing pads.





The Ped Egg is shaped to fit in the palm of your hand and is described as being easy and comfortable to use. It has over 135 precision micro files which are safe to the touch and is designed to trap shavings so should leave no mess. I must confess, my current foot file is great… but does make a mess all over the floor – so I will be looking at this claim in particular to see if the Ped Egg provides me with a cleaner alternative!

I did notice that the Ped Egg carried warnings not to use if diabetic or if you have poor blood circulation. This is due to the fact, in diabetics at least, people can suffer loss of sensation in the feet… so I guess you could ‘over-use’ the Ped Egg and cause damange to your feet without actually feeling it. As I know my feet are fine (they are checked every year and I have no problems with them) I decided to go ahead and use the Ped Egg – but this is something to be aware of!

So, enough of the background…what do I think????

Well, apart from struggling to get into the packaging (scissors are a must!) I was impressed with the quality of the product. I have never purchased a JML product before and did wonder about the quality… but I am safely reassured that this product is made from really sturdy plastic and fits together really well. Inside was an instruction leaflet which I found very clear and easy to follow. The step by step instructions were detailed, yet informative and the diagrams were clear to understand. There were instructions to use both the file and exfoliating pads.

The ergonomic design meant the egg fit snugly into the palm of my hand making it comfortable and easy to use. I did notice on the JML website that there is a handle available to purchase for £9.99 which would make the product easier for some people to use. I didn’t need this but I thought it fantastic that there was a solution to that possible problem.

The file itself did a great job. It was easy to use and pain free… the only thing that will take some getting used to is the grating noise you get when using the file! At first it was a little off putting but, on seeing the results, I soon got used to it and just got on with the task in hand. The Egg caught most of the shavings but there was still some dust that escaped… nothing like using the foot file though! I was really surprised when I had finished at just how many shavings had been collected… the Ped Egg certainly did its job! The Ped Egg should not be used any more than once a fortnight… and due to the amount of skin removed I wouild say that is something to stick by!





When finished with the file I move onto the exfoliator pad. This had a self adhesive backing and I had to position it onto the outside bottom of the Ped Egg. This was quick and simple to do. The exfoliator pad added the finishing touch to my feet, smoothing them off after filing. It left them feeling really good and much smoother and softer than they were before.



As recommended, I then moisturised my feet and wore socks…. and a few hours later the results were clear. The Ped Egg had began to transform my feet – they were shinier, smoother and certainly more ‘showable’ than they were before. The exfoliator pad can be used between filings, and I can see myself using it weekly, with a file every fortnight!

Overall I am really impressed with this product and think for £9.99 it is great value. Replacement blades are available to purchase for £10.20 for a pack of 2 meaning that the Ped Egg will have a much longer life. For me, I am certainly a convert and will be ditching my messy foot file in favour of the Ped Egg.


I was sent items free of charge for the purposes of this review, however I received no other financial reward for this post and any views expressed are my own and are honest and accurate.

One thought on “Treat your feet with a little help from JML!

  1. Would you say you’ve had any problems with pedegg, I have been reading american reviews and they are saying how it disfigured their feet and made them turn black, I’m hoping this is not the case because I like you thought it was quite good, I’m just interested to see if after a while it still seems as effective to you!?!?!

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