Taste testing with Degustabox!

I LOVE foodie reviews as I really enjoy being creative in the kitchen…so when I was given the opportunity to receive a Degustabox to take a look at I was really excited!

Degustabox 1The concept of Degustabox is great! As a subscription based service, you pay £12.99 a month then, each month, receive a box of between 9 and 14 surprise products which are new to the market to try out and test! If you wish you can then go and review the products you have received, sharing your opinion of them with other ‘Degustaboxers!’

July Degustabox Continue reading

Making a wobble with the Chill Factor Jelly Maker!

A few years back we were thrilled to be able to test out the Chill Factor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker which we loved – so when we were given the opportunity to take a look at the NEW Chill Factor Jelly Maker we were more than eager!

Chill Factor Jelly Maker in box

Priced at around £12.99 the Chill Factor Jelly Maker is supposed to allow you to make jelly in minutes, not hours! It is available in a variety of colours too! Continue reading

Getting in on the loom band craze with the myStyle Design and Make Super Loop Bands kit!

When we were asked if we’d like to take a look at the myStyle Design and Make Super Loop Bands kit, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for!

myStyle Design and Make Super Loop BandsThe boys, on the other hand, knew EXACTLY what they were and, as the craze had already hit strong and hard at school, they couldn’t wait to get the box open – even though it did look ‘a bit too girly’.

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My birth story: 9th May 2014

Baby day! It’s here! It’s finally arrived and I can’t believe it!

Today was the day my bump turned into my baby – I would get to meet the little new life that has grown inside of me for the past 38 weeks and a day!

And what a bump it was…

38 and 1 dayAs I was having a planned c-section I had to be at the hospital for 8am, so this meant saying goodbye to the boys the night before so that they could stay with Nana and Grandad, who would be taking them to school and looking after them for a few days.

Getting to hospital was a straight forward drive and, for once, we got parked on the hospital car park without driving around hunting for a space for 20 minutes!

I had to go to the delivery suite to be booked in and to start my sliding scale ready for my afternoon operation. The sliding scale is to do with the diabetes – it’s a drip which maintains your blood sugar levels – so one cannula in one hand with a glucose solution, and another in the other hand with insulin.

To be honest, waiting all morning is boring…exciting, but boring! And I knew all the time that the moment for the cannulas was getting closer and closer!  Continue reading