Great day out – PR disaster!

We are lucky to have a few zoos within travelling distance from us – some a little further away than others, but still an acceptable distance for a day out.

South Lakes £1 winter offer

So when the South Lakes Wild Animal Park had an offer on for £1 entry, we decided it’d be a great day out and, on New Year’s Eve, packed a picnic and headed up!

South Lakes £1 entry


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Eisberg Wine – alcohol free but just as tasty!

Now I’ll have to admit that I’m not a big drinker – maybe at Christmas or on a really special occasion – but for me giving up alcohol is not something that I’d struggle to do! In fact, because of being pregnant recently and due to the fact that I’m still breast-feeding, alcohol isn’t on my agenda. But it still feels nice to be a ‘grown-up’ and when friends are round for dinner there are times when a glass of coke or lemonade just won’t do!

January seems to be a time when a lot of people are giving up alcohol too, with the rise of lots of charity challenges like Dryathlon raising money for Cancer Research UK. So having a non-alcoholic ‘grown-up’ drink in the fridge ready to serve is always really handy!


So when I was offered the chance to sample something that would give the experience of drinking a real glass of wine, but without the alcohol units, and with just a third of the calories, I was interested to take a look!

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It’s January – and I’m back!

I don’t know how people do it…that is keeping a house, family, job, new baby AND blog! But I think December saw me well and truly struggle!

Yes, I am on maternity leave, so theoretically no job…but with my Hubbie having taken on a shop in September, I seem to have spent a lot of my time there helping him out. And December was just MANICALLY busy (which is fab…but did take its toll on me).

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Testing the Motorola MBP 26 Video Monitor and Babysense bundle – an official Babyologist review!

It’s certainly funny how things change over time…and where babies are concerned, things seem to have changed relatively quickly, even in the 7 years it has been between having Charlie and now Martha! I’m talking things like sleeping bags – they didn’t really have them 7 years ago and now they seem all the rage! And then there are the changes with weaning – they may be slight, but things are certainly different!

And the biggest change for us so far has been the widespread availability of video baby monitors. I have absolutely no idea if they existed 7 years ago – they probably did – but we just had a basic sound monitor that we had actually bought 2 years previously for our first baby. It worked a treat – and at its time was actually quite advanced!

But when my sister had a baby last year I was made aware of video monitors…not only could you hear your baby, but you could now see exactly what they were up to at the same time! And given the fact that we had actually lost part of our original baby monitor that we used with the boys, a new video baby monitor was something on our list to get when Martha was born!

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