Out and about with Petit Filous!

I feel like my children have almost grown up with Petits Filous  – they were the first yoghurts I chose for weaning, and have been enjoyed by all three of my children.
petit filous range
The little pots are still a firm staple for our Little Miss, and JT and CJ usually always have a Petit Filous Frube in their lunchbox for school – so handy to be able to give them a yoghurt without the need for a spoon!

Where has the time gone?


I can’t believe I’ve been away so long…

It’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted and so much has happened…

Maybe that’s why I’ve been away!


I’ve gone back to work after my maternity leave…

Martha has turned one – one! Where on earth has that time gone? She’s now got her own little language, of which some words we can understand! She’s finally crawling…and now standing…so I’m sure walking will follow soon!

The boys are nearly 8 and 10. I don’t feel old enough to have a nearly 10 year old…nearly in year 6…only a year away from High School!

My diary has been brimming with events and I feel like I’ve been here there and everywhere…

Life has been busy – but good!


But I need to get back to the blog.

It feels neglected and unloved!


Lots of posts to write – so keep your eyes peeled!

Our first Bostik Bloggers challenge – Easter Crafts!

We were so excited when we were asked if we’d like to be part of the Tots 100 Bostik Craft Bloggers team. We love getting creative…and to be sent a box of craft items to get making with was just perfect for us!

Easter box

Our first task was to come up with some Easter themed goodies and as soon as our box arrived the boys couldn’t wait to get started. But what did they make???

Well, the boys actually came up with a few different things – all easy and VERY Eastery!

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Mummy’s Beany Chilli!

I LOVE being creative in the kitchen. I do follow recipies but, over time, I like to add my own twist to them and experiment…and this is where my Beany Chilli has come from!

Adding beans to a chilli allows you to make the meal go further, and being on a budget this is just great! One meal can often make two…

For this meal I used one of the packs of Lean Minced Beef that came with my Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Weekly Wrap

Meal seven – Mummy’s Beany Chilli

Mummys Beany Chilli

Making the chilli is EASY!!!

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Meal six from the Hazeldine’s Butcher’s Wrap!

Thursday night in our house is the first night of the week where we are not running around picking up or taking to one club or the other. It’s a night I like to put my feet up and relax a little bit more than normal – so I was really pleased to see that the Hazeldine’s Original Butcher’s Wrap contained an almost ready made meal that would pack a punch, but give me a bit of an easier night at the same time!

Meal six – Burger and Chips!

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